School Board Member Suspected Of DUI

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EAST STROUDSBURG — A Scranton School Board member was arrested Saturday in Monroe County on suspicion of DUI.

Police say Robert Casey, 23, of Scranton drove his car off the road in East Stroudsburg around 1:30 p.m. Saturday and was taken to a hospital with injuries.

Casey was sworn-in as a member of the Scranton School Board earlier this month.


  • Sarah J. Butler (@viannahlee)

    Just wondering whose kid he is. One of his FB sites is deleted down to bare minimum. Other FB has a bunch of stuff including photos of President Obama in Scranton. That could suggest he might be one of THE Caseys. Perhaps a nephew of the Senator’s. wikipedia for Gov Casey has a huge error in it. I do not remember that being there from previous years. That suggests something might have been changed in haste. I know Senator Casey has daughters – no sons. Here is this 23 year old, a young adult in big trouble. Too bad he does not have family stepping forward to vow their support as he tries to straighten out his life.

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