Mifflinburg Reacts To Teen Accused Of Shooting At Trooper

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MIFFLINBURG -- A teenager from Union County is locked up in southern Pennsylvania after he allegedly shot at a state trooper over the weekend

State police say Sean Sellers, 16, of Mifflinburg is charged with attempted criminal homicide.

State police say sellers stole a car and a gun in Mifflinburg then drove south on Interstate 81.  He was pulled over by state police and investigators say that is when he fired the gun at the trooper.  Many people who live in Mifflinburg say they are shocked and concerned.

Authorities say it happened Sunday morning along Interstate 81 just south of Shippensburg in Franklin County.

According to court papers, state police pulled over Sellers and the teen fired a gunshot at the trooper.  The trooper fired back and Sellers surrendered.

Investigators say Sellers stole the car and gun from a home in Mifflinburg.  Sellers is a student at Mifflinburg High School.   A former classmate says she never saw this coming.

“I had art class with him my senior year.  I talked to him all the time.  We sat right next to each other and I never would have expected him to do something like that.  It makes me sad because I never knew he had a problem,” said former classmate Carly Marra.

Employees at Original Italian Pizza in Mifflinburg say Sellers came in to eat about two weeks ago.  Giuseppe Mazzamuto says hearing about the situation surprised him.

"Kids come in, you know who they are.  You see them, you see them growing up, then you hear something like that.  It kind of makes you scared."

Many people in Mifflinburg say they are surprised and concerned to hear this situation started out in Union County.

“I moved to Mifflinburg because number one it's close to my job and it's a safe town.  It's a tight knit community where everybody knows everybody and you don't expect something like this to happen,” said Justin Martina of Mifflinburg.

“You don't know your neighbors anymore.  Things have changed compared to 10, 15 years ago,” said Shelly Orren of Mifflinburg

Sean Sellers faces several charges, including attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault on a police officer.  Investigators say he was charged as an adult.    There's still no word where  sellers was headed when he was stopped by that trooper in southern Pennsylvania.


  • Sundown

    Was he on psych drugs? Maybe that pushed him over the edge! The friends my son brings home are all on the stuff, and more than one, more like 3 at a time and they are still troubled, and yes mostly from troubled homes..it doesn’t seem to be working. They talk about being depressed, they engage in cutting, immoral expression of one another like it’s normal, I don’t mean playful, I mean graphic! Their FB pages read like depressed decadent horror shows. At best it’s not helping them, at worst it’s making things worse. They need counselors and psychologists to help them work things out and hold parents accountable for what they’re kids are doing, nOT psychiatrists that are little more than legal drug dealers.

  • JRS

    The virus is spreading even to small towns like Miff….Take care of yourselves and always be ready to defend you and yours..

    • Sundown

      From what my spouse tells me, it was always here, it’s the numbers that are different that’s all. The stuff that went on when he was growing up in central PA is the same stuff that went on where I grew up in the city, just a fraction of it because you have a fraction of the population. However, depending on the area of PA of which one speaks, you’re getting people from the inner cities moving in to get away from the magnitude of crime, or the competition of it, and the numbers are increasing particularly among young adults but they have the highest demographic of crimes committed in general.

    • Tim

      Lmao, I thought the same thing– The Barbar.. I’m not sure if y’all have noticed but things keep getting worse around here. I know a lot of ppl say it’s everywhere but if you actually take a look around you and see all the terrible things that keep happening it’s in our are a lot more then you think.

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