Woman Charged After Allegedly Beating Son

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MIFFLINBURG -- A woman from Union County is locked up after police said she beat her six-week-old son last year, nearly killing him.

Police have charged Jasmine Bearden of Mifflinburg with attempted homicide after the incident in October where her son suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs, numerous bruises and more.

The child is recovering.

Bearden is locked up without bail in Union County.


  • Jacquelyn K Singer

    I dont believe my niece hurt her baby and I thank God you people, who base your decisions on feelings after reading a paragraph, are not her judge and jury. Ive never known jas to hurt anyone much less a child and her comments have been taken out of context. She is a sweet and funny girl and I pray for her and that little boy every day.

    • ivy

      If people really care they would get the child out of the house before these sick people harm them….I saw cigarettes right beside the newborn pictures. That’s true love and consideration right there…and to admit you are related to this scum…nuts….just nuts. Why do they have babies anyway???

    • CCKM

      You’re an idiot! There were over 25 bruises on him as per the physicians report at Geisinger! You would defend someone just because they’re a relative? People like you make me sick to my stomach! Well, she is going away! Thank God! and hopefully she will never see this child again! It’s not WHO you are, it’s WHAT you are! I don’t care of someone is kin or not, a dirt-bag is a drit-bag! ““Six-week-old babies aren’t supposed to have bruises,” and this infant had about 25, said the Dr.an in-patient pediatrician at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital and Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where he is one of two child-abuse evaluators. ” 20-year-old mother physically abused her 6-week-old son nearly to death, causing injuries that fractured his skull, broke his ribs and impaired his liver, borough police said Friday after arresting Jasmine Bearden.” ” Union County woman is jailed tonight after police say she tried to kill her infant son. Investigators say the six-week old boy suffered what could have been potentially fatal injuries.” You are one sick puppy for defending your niece!

  • Manuel

    It didn’t say spanked, it said beat. If you would have read the passage you would have seen that it said the baby had broken bones, and was bruised. Spanking doesn’t break bones. That’s what’s wrong with her “just spanking” her 6 week old son.

    • Sundown

      Agree! Spanking does not apply to a 6 week old in any shape way or form! My son is 17, and I think I can still count on one hand how many times he got spanked. It was reserved for those serious and rare infractions. I am hoping to God she never sees this child again. I am hoping to God she never gets out.

  • Miltonmama2

    I knew this girl in high school. I was a young mother and I can recall a very heated conversation while in 9th grade English in which she said ” I want my children to know what it means to struggle” and I retorted “well then you shouldn’t have children bc no parent wants their child to suffer.” Makes me sick. It’s ashame she didn’t listen to my advice bc this poor baby had to suffer bc of his unfit mother.

  • Judy Grimm

    This is horrible by any standard. So is abotrtion at any stage of life from conception on. Horrible…. So many who would love these children. Very selfish people.

  • Sundown

    dad was in rehab when the baby was born, so that wouldn’t worked either! I guess she couldn’t handle things on her own, and the family obviously wasn’t on top of the situation enough assuming they knew her history..

  • Aubree


    January 25, 2014
    Mother tried to kill baby, cops say
    Mifflinburg resident, 20, allegedly fractured skull, ribs of 6-week-old

    By Evamarie Socha
    The Daily Item

    MIFFLINBURG — A 20-year-old mother physically abused her 6-week-old son nearly to death, causing injuries that fractured his skull, broke his ribs and impaired his liver, borough police said Friday after arresting Jasmine Bearden.

    The injuries, a physician at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, told police, were not accidental.

    Bearden, of 506 Chestnut St., Mifflinburg, was arrested Friday and charged with criminal attempted homicide, borough police Chief Douglas Bickhart said.

    Bearden on Oct. 8 and 9 inflicted “life-threatening, non-accidental injuries” to the infant, who suffered a subdural hematoma and numerous bruises to his face, hands, arms, knees and private areas, police said.

    The tot has been in foster care since his admission to Geisinger, Bickhart said, adding that he believes the child is recovering.

    In addition to criminal attempted homicide, Bearden faces felony charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Following arraignment Friday before District Judge Leo Armbruster, Bearden was taken to Union County Jail, where she is being held without bail until a Feb. 4 preliminary hearing.

    The alleged abuse, according to Union County court documents, became known Oct. 11 — the same day Bearden was charged in Montour County with drug and endangering the welfare of children counts.

    A county children and youth caseworker called Mifflinburg police after being contacted by the treating physician at Geisinger. Bearden took her child Oct. 10 to the emergency department at Geisinger, where he was soon admitted to pediatric intensive care in serious condition.

    Bearden’s baby, court documents state, was also having uncontrollable seizures.

    The physician told investigators that the injuries could have occurred simultaneously from violent shaking or the tot being thrown, according to court records. A common scenario, the doctor said, is “a frustrated caregiver becomes enraged over whatever issue may be going on.”

    Affidavit: Parents argue in front of cops

    The baby’s father and grandmother told police they observed something wrong with him about Oct. 9, according to court records. The grandmother said she advised Bearden to take the baby to the hospital and was surprised later to learn she initially had not.

    Police on Oct. 14 interviewed Bearden, who said her baby had been “very miserable” and took him to his regular doctor, who advised her to go to Geisinger after observing a twitch in his arm, the affidavit states. Bearden said she learned of all the injuries after taking the baby to Geisinger.

    The infant was living with Bearden and his father at the time.

    During her interview Oct. 14, Bearden denied injuring the baby and told police she did not know how her son became injured, police said, adding that she became upset and asked to leave the room. She went to the police station lobby, approached the boy’s father, and said: “We need to leave and not talk with the police,” according to court documents.

    She also said the police “could not prove anything” and she wanted the boy’s father to leave with her, Bickhart said.

    Replied the father: “I have nothing to hide, and I want to speak with the police about this,” court records state.

    Online court documents show Bearden was charged in Montour County with a felony count of criminal attempt to manufacture, deliver or possession with intent of a controlled substance, and a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of children. Seven other charges are misdemeanors, for use or possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of intentional possession of a controlled substance by a person who is not registered.

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  • Katie

    This scumbag wrote on her public Facebook profile recently “If you love something set it free, or cripple it so it can’t get away”. Wtf. Guess that is what she did to her poor defenseless baby. This baby shouldn’t even be in the custody of family. The whole family is probably white trash psychos.

  • Lou

    I’m confused. According to the story, the incident happened in October of last year. However, her Facebook page, which is public, shows pictures from this month of her holding her baby.

    • Aubree

      lou, the child was put in protective care immediately after the visit to the hospital but she was allowed supervised visits. that is why you see photos of her with the child

  • CleanUpNEPA

    What a pig. Human trash. There’s a special place in hell for her. I pray that little guy has a full recovery and can be with people who will love him. I pray she gets the same treatment she gave her son in prison.

  • Sara

    I know this women very well. I worked with her while she was pregnant. At the time she was pretty clean from drugs but from what I understand she began taking pills and other things after her son was born. The father was locked up in rehab and the mother blamed their dog on hurting the baby. A family member is currently taking care of the baby and he’s safe now. I just can’t believe shed do this. I hung out with this girl a lot and thought I knew her…but this is insane and I can’t believe she would have done that.

    • Sundown

      Thank you for sharing with us Sara, it’s a sad tale we do hear all too often, however, in the baby’s best interest she should never have this child back..but that’s just me..I don’t know how to wrap myself around people using the reason of drugs, mental illness, or whatever as license to hurt and steal and fine, but there has to be consequences. The Child Protective Services systems must do JUST that, protect the child! People think that babies and wee children don’t remember? If animals remember trauma inflicted by their “human parent,” how much more a human child? If I am not mistaken, they usually won’t return a pet to an owner who abused them, but they will return a child to a parent who has beat them even to this extent, an infant no less…horrible…that child must then be subject to the abuser cuddling them. To me that’s just sick and twisted. I am SO tired of adult needs being put before the child’s needs…

  • Kyli

    She’s a rotten human being!!! The whole family is insane!! Sister faked having cancer for money now this. Personally I hate the entire family 10x more now. Children should feel loved by the parent not fear for their lives!!! Rot in hell

  • careace

    SICK!!! Someone like this dont deserve to see the light a day again. And she needs to be ordered to never have children again!

  • Janelle

    People like you should be sterilized, beating a baby almost to death, wtf is wrong with you? I leave you with one simple word…. karma!!

  • Sundown

    I have seen your FB page, you beat that child in your photos? Anybody whoever gives you back your kid should get beat right along with you..you make me sick..the messed up thing is? from what I gather this is one of the main reasons women are sent to prison; for hurting their kids, so nobody will likely bother her for what she did…

  • hambone

    put her in a cell and let the inmates have there way with her then leave her sit and suffer with no medical attention ..what a low life scumbag

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