Woman Pleads Guilty to Abandoning Dogs

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- A woman from Luzerne County agreed to plead guilty to 24 counts of animal abuse on Thursday.

Police accused Karen Reilly of abandoning 19 dogs when she was evicted from a mobile home at Echo Valley Mobile Home Park in Shavertown.

The Luzerne County SPCA says seven dogs died, 12 others survived.

A prosecutor says Reilly has agreed to pay $7,000 in restitution and she would be banned from owning a dog during 15 years of probation.

That plea deal could be accepted when Reilly is due back in court in April.


  • Sundown

    Um, ok, she shouldn’t have had 19 dogs I the first place, BUT she was evicted…so….it should’ve been the township’s responsibility to take care of the dogs safety…duh…am I missing something? If she didn’t have a home herself, what was she supposed to do with the dogs? She could’ve, should’ve called the SPCA to let them know she was being evicted, BUT, would they have come if she didn’t have the money to have them picked up?

    • why do people do this??

      So the township (taxpayers) are responsible again for someone’s stupidity. 19 dogs is nuts. I have always had dogs and more than 2 or 3 is a lot of work (and expensive) if you treat them as you should. Living in a trailer park meant she was obviously of limited means so why collect dogs? Putting up a fence and loading it up with dogs is not acceptable. I could not imagine why someone would have 19! She should be thrown in a kennel outside in the bitter cold as punishment with 18 more idiots that do this and leave her to fight for food, water and shelter.

    • Shagtastique

      Since when is any township/ city/ municipality responsible for a person’s pets if they’re evicted? Do you even know what being evicted means? Since when does the SPCA charge you to pick up pets in distress? Duh…. Are you missing something? What aren’t you missing?

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