Results to Marijuana Legalization Poll

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A CNN poll earlier this year showed that 55% of Americans support making marijuana legal for adults.

That poll supports a Gallup poll in 2013 that came up with almost identical results.

That was the first Gallup poll where the majority of Americans favored such legislation since the polling service started posing the marijuana question back in 1969.

Newswatch 16 wanted to see how our viewers felt on the topic so we asked you to take a poll.

Here are the results:

Nearly 15,000 votes were counted.

  • 79% think marijuana should be legalized for all adults.
  • 9% think marijuana should be decriminalized for medical use.
  • 12% think marijuana should remain illegal.

Thank you to the thousands who weighed in.


    • Jean59

      Even if they pass it for medical purposes only it would still be huge. I would say at least 80% of the people smoke to calm down because they have a nervous condition. But there are so many other conditions, so when they pass it for medical purposes are they going to include all of those? What if they leave out the eating disorders, then girls who need to smoke it so they can eat to gain weight can get arrested. It just needs to be legalized so all illnesses are covered and not just for cancer patients.

  • Gumba

    Yes to legalizing it but everyone has to be pro active. Corbett will veto it on arrival if its voted to pass, so we need him out of office. John Hanger is running for governor he is Pro Marijuana and is running on this platform and so many other platforms. Please look him up this could be a chance for pro Marijuana Advocates to get involved and get this bill passed for us all here in Pennsylvania just remember it wont pass by itself and it sure will not get pass Corbett’s desk if he gets back in office.

  • shelley

    Ive dealt with people in my life who smoked pot and drank alcohol…i would so much rather them smoking pot than drinking alcohol!! Alcohol is so much more harmful to your health and to others involved with the drinker. I hate drinkers! They get so mean n nasty…when smoking pot they laugh…more loving n calm. If you r against pot then i hope you are also against alcohol because it has far worse effects!

  • jack

    It should be. I smoke it every day its healthyer then beer and stuff like that drinking kill ppl every day I use it it helps me sleep at night helps with my pain after crashing my dirt bike everyone has there thoughts some ppl don’t like it but most use it for health reasons so I think it should be

  • TheProphet

    Just give up.. its gonna be legalized soon enough. For the narrow minded, let those of us who wish to medicate and meditate do so in a safe manner. Lets push convention. Lets use our freakin heads NEPA.

    • Jim Brony

      With freedom comes responsibility and accountability. Are you prepared for all the additional vehicle and workplace accidents? Alcohol abuse has destroyed enough lives – now you want to add more mind-altering drugs to the mix? Please, don’t tell me that all the stoners will just sit at home, light up, and not go anywhere. Oh, good luck with your job too. Most larger employers will still test for drugs and fire you for using it, legal or not.

  • Gumba

    The Doctor I see your another closed minded person that has allowed previous decades of mis information cloud the real truth. The fact that this could help so many medically and people can not get it and i see this on here really goes to show how ignorant some people still are about Marijuana im sure if it was a child of yours going through seizures and not having a good for-filled life.Dont be so closed minded one day god forbid you ever come down with cancer and need something like this while on Chem o

  • J. Pudish

    Legalize it no matter what anyone of the others who oppose it say. I do not drink as I have seen many peoples lives destroyed because of it. I have seen people die simply from drinking to much, I have seen people die in alcohol related care wrecks, i have seen people die from liver failure due to the use of alcohol. I smoke weed. for 2 main reason. 1. Being my back. Have had a bad back for years and it takes the pain away so I can walk. 2. Helps me relax after a hard long day. There the 2 main reason. For all you close minded people that are posting and oppose it go sit in your lounge chairs and watch tv and stop trying to run everyone elses lives. How many people do you know that have ever died from smoking weed? How many people have died from smoking to much. It doesn’t happen. Do people die from liver failure from smoking weed. No. How many of you are sitting here now reading these posts and have a beer or a screwdriver sitting next to you that you have been drinking? I bet there are a bunch. Look at the facts here. For the ones drinking right now. How many will die within the next 10 years from simply drinking that drink that some people seem to love so much? I bet there are a few. The there are the other who are sitting here and just finished a bowl. How many of them will die from using marijuana? Facts show that general everyday pot smokers are healthier then others who are non smokers. Hows your blood pressure? Are you depressed? Anorexia anyone? Mood swings? Beer muscles? Headaches? Back pain? Anyone?
    The biggest fact here is the war on drugs is over. It can never be won. there are way to many people that want it and smoke it. Oh and by the way there are more Americans that smoke then don’t. Guess that makes some of you a minority. If it is legal or not. We are still going to get it. We are still going to grow it and we are still going to consume it. And by the way I AM A TAX PAYOR. I own my own business, have kids that are healthy, and I have no criminal record what so ever. Have a CDL, went to college for software development and am pretty happy with my life. How many of you are happy with your with that drink you have sitting next to you or your life. Your wife leave you? I said close minded earlier. Simply because the people who oppose it have no idea of what it can bring and have been living in the past for way to long. It is illegal because of political issues. Not because it destroys lives, kills you, or even makes you lazy. If any DRUG should be illegal it should be Alcohol. As that has pretty much no healthy side effects. Oh and did I mention it kills thousands a year.

    I hope I did not come of to harsh on some of this but. I get irritated when people have no clue what hey are talking about. Or have never even tried it. But they don’t mind going to a bar. Do not get me wrong here. I did not say I have never drank. I just do not now and have not for a very long time.

    As I said war on drugs is over and a complete failure. Time to stop using your tax money for something that can not be won and put it to good use. Use marijuana if anything for another income as in tax revenue. Or the political parties voting themselves a pay raise. Help clear the US debt, bring some jobs to local farming communities, re-build the economy.

    Whether it is legal or not it has been here and it is not going away. Guess you gotta deal with it.

    Put that in your glass and drink it. But it wont kill you.

    And for the others who want it. Light up! you’ll be able to live free soon enough.

    Puff Puff Pass

    • Gumba

      I couldn’t agree more i have failed back syndrome fron spinal fusion i am in so much pain every single day. Sleep what is sleep? Meds well lets see i take 7 different scripts all of which do considerable damage to my Liver and Kidneys oh these drugs are legal because pharma got a patent on them ummm i dont think they can do that for Marijuana hence why they pour so much money into trying to keep it illegal. So going back to my meds why should i not be allowed to try Medical Marijuana? what because a closed minded person or persons have a peev against it or doesn’t like to do it themselves. Well put yourself in my shoes for one hr i guarantee you change ur mind. Oh wait you probably could never spend an hour in my shoes and handle the pain.. I want to make it clear i do not smoke Marijuana at this time but i would love to make a decision to do so with my doctors permission to see if it works. What if i could get off the meds im on on now and save my kidney and liver from future failure? Who are Joe public or government to make this health decision for me? So to those that do not want it legalized one day maybe and i hope never you might have a fractured spine and have a failed back surgery or cancer will you then be so against it? So dont be such hypocrites and legalize it even though you might think you will never need it one day you just might

  • Devin

    I definitely agree that it should be legalized, for one it has no second hand effects to people surrounding unlike cigarettes, it doesnt cause cancer inlike cigarettes and i have tried it before and i know hundreds of people who do it, compared to alcohol it doesnt make u mean and im not saying alcohol makes everyone one mean but i have grown up with nothing but drunks in my family and 99% of them after prolonged use of it became extremely violent and they still to this day get extremely violent, i have had to protect some of my family members numorous times from their husbands/fathers and yet when they smoke marijuana they are the happiest and nicest people i know… It also has great medicinal uses wich i find is extremely useful and yes of course the tax money our state can bring in from it would be exponential and hopefully they can actually try to fix the roads… But all on all i dont see any harmful things comming out of this and for mary who was complaining about the smell…REALLY?!? Come on cigarettes make much more of a horrible smell and cause yellowing and can cause ur grandchildren to accumulate cancer but its strange how you havent mentioned anything about cigarettes…? Well anyway all in all marijuana is definitely a go for me

  • cory

    to the dr. if u refuse to cross that line that is your choice but don’t be so judgmental on people that choose otherwise, especially if you have never done research, or for that fact tried it. if the polls show that it should be it is because the majority of people think it should be not because people call each other, and if it is im sure people like yourself( who don’t think its a good idea) will pick up the phone also. another point if it comes down to who has more friends to put it in simple terms that’s just another plus to marijuana, more people get along when they smoke.

    • J. Pudish

      To Cory. Love the post and it is so true. It is good by yourself but better with a group. It has been known to bring together long time rivals. Offers peace to nations. It has happened. Its in our history. and I have over 900 friends on Facebook and over 30 thousand on twitter. I am sure I can get the numbers up. as I know 86% of them smoke. Statistically speaking.

  • Dominic

    I never had a problem with weed, but that was before I saw what it did to my daughter. It has literally become the single most important thing in her life. I am not lying. It’s all she talks about. Her social media pages are nothing but comments about weed. There is nothing else.

    It has been this way for two years now. I am at my wits end. She has literally thrown her life away because of weed. She lives on the west coast with her boyfriend. They are homeless, unemployed, no phones, no transportation . . . but they have weed. Lots of it.

    While I assume my daughter’s issues are rare, I can’t support legalizing something that has pretty much destroyed my daughter’s life.

    • joseph donegan

      Your daughter’s situation is unfortunate but legalizing or not legalizing isn’t going to change hers or anybody else’s situation with drugs. They’re going to get them anyway. We might as well make money taxing them and there will be less killing over them too.

    • Gumba

      Well it sounds like your Daughter might be in the low percentage that get addicted to Weed. I think it was around 5%. I do however think it should be legal for medical use so many could benefit from it and get off many hard prescription medication. So what im saying is this doesnt have to be legal for everyone but legal for medical only would u be ok with that?

    • William Roach

      We have texting and driving drunk. Driving killing our love me do we need one more impairment killing while driving ?

    • John Foote

      Perhaps the reason your daughter is so fixated on Marijuana is because it’s illegal. Some people want to fight the system and if alcohol was illegal she might be into drinking which is a lot worse than the effects of Marijuana.

    • J. Pudish

      I am sorry to hear this about your daughter. This can happen. But it is not because of the weed. There I am sure is a deeper under laying issue. Something she is very unhappy with in her life. Weed makes people happy feel good and dulls the pain of tragic events or a hopeless life that they think they are in. It brings people enjoyment when there is no joy. It becomes some peoples lives because they don’t hurt. Sounds like she hasn’t found herself and is unhappy where she is at. I don’t know her situation but I do know how I feel. I have had some really rough times in my life. Weed helped me relax and look at the big picture instead of having thousands of thoughts run threw my head. It gave me what I call true sight. I was able to figure out what I needed to do to make things better. Have you ever been so worried about something that it clouds your judgement or thoughts so much that you make an impulse decision. Realizing afterward that what you choose to do wasn’t what you really wanted. Weed helps you focus on the things that are important to you. It clears your mind from the everyday negatives and helps bring creativity. Find out what bothers her the most and you may find what changed her.

      • Jim Brony

        Wow, you have a four-year degree, a CDL, AND now you’re a pyscotherapist too. What an amazing individual.

    • Jean59

      Your daughter is experiencing trauma and using marijuana to self medicate. Something could have happened that could have traumatized her and she needs to find a release to calm down or forget something in other words put it in the back of her mind so she won’t think about it. It could be worse and it could be heroin or crack cocaine, so hate to say it marijuana is the least of medications out there that she is doing and anything can be a medicator. She needs counseling but she will probably not go. Good Luck with your daughter, may God Bless.

      • Dominic

        Oh, I absolutely agree with you. A major part of the issue is that my daughter has a very stressful life. Part of the problem is that he is half white and half black, and one side of her family has revealed itself to be extremely racist. So she has an entire group of people whom she loves, who will not talk to her. Still, it pains me that all she talks about it smoking weed. I am not blowing this out of proportion. It’s really all she talks about. I understand that she’s using weed to soothe her nerves etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter. But it pains me that this young woman has basically stagnated for the last 2 years. She is not a burden to ME, but to society . . yes, she is.

    • joey

      Marijuana is not physically addictive, which means that you won’t suffer from withdrawals from not using. It does however, like everything, have the potential to become psychologically addicting, like one becomes adduct d to eating food. Your daughter is not addicted to weed, she has a problem within herself. I personally have been victimized by Pennsylvania’s laws, and cops treat you like you’re a murderer. I have been an outstanding tax-paying citizen my entire life, and my first ever arrest (for marijuana/no DUI) almost landed me 4 years upstate on a technicality. Since it was my first offense ever I qualified for probation. I shared the same sentencing as a heroin addict, had probation officers steal hundreds of dollars from my wallet, and have even been pulled over to have my car ILLEGALLY ripped apart for no reason. The fact that we prosecute people like me is a shame and it is only to make money. Prisons get money from the state for every prisoner they have. While your daughter may be allowing you to see the extreme negative effects of marijuana, it does not mean people should not get help. Media, and people with lots of money try to create misinformation to keep the truth silenced. Marijuana, cannabis, is the key to fighting age related illnesses. You probably have heard about marijuana and cancer…but maybe never thought much of it. It kills cancer cells, and leaves healthy cells undamaged. Newest research even shows it has no effect on driving, according to driving simulators. Its something our bodies are made to receive, as we have an endocannabinoid system in us that regulates our immune system through cannabinoids (chemicals in weed.) I know so much about this subject because after being arrested, I was looked down on by everyone close to me. I pay my bills, work two jobs, have a girlfriend, pay taxes, break no laws, and in don’t even drink even though I am 24. I ask everyone to open their minds to see through the misinformation pharmaceutical companies, drug cartels, timber and oil industries, and even the DEA (recently caught smuggling drugs for cartels.) All the organizations that stand to lose money by way of our benefit want it illegal. Current known ailments relieved by cannabis : cancer, ADHD, depression, fibronyalgia, glaucoma, high blood pressure, anxiety, wasting syndrome, AIDS, epilepsy, M.S., arthritis, headaches, insomnia, and even goes as far to prevent lung cancer to some extent. What’s funny is the last one is a study on a federal website. It causes ZERO damage to our body because it is a cannabinoid like our body produces on its own. Critics will say smoke is bad, but they are mistaken. What’s bad in cigarette smoke is the fertilizers used in the growing process. Tobacco companies use pulonium 210, which is radioactive and that’s why it causes cancer. The government knows about this, its on federal websites, but why not the average American? I am sickened by our outrageous laws and I want help for people who need it and o don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through over a completelysafe plant. And if weeds so bad, then whybis it illegal to grow hemp? Because it makes better paper, plastics, fuel, houses, and clothes. In wonder why its illegal.

      • Sean

        “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • Alex

    Let’s just go through with it already. Cannabis grows from the ground just like many plants and herbs that we use daily.. It is not man-made like most drugs or alcohol. It is not even considered a narcotic.

  • D.JoAnn Myers

    Don’t be the most backward state. Get in on the tax goldmine. Maybe then senior citizen property owners could afford to heat their homes and buy groceries.

  • Dan

    weed is no worse than cigarettes or alcohol. If the country is in such a deficit when it comes to finances why wouldn’t they legalize it and tax the hell out of it? It would stop police and other law enforcement agencies from spending millions of dollars trying to stop it, its a win win. At one point alcohol was illegal and im sure people had this same debate face to face and now everybody is fine with it. Yes, it does stink, but so does tabaco smoke….. i just dont understand it.

    • Bud Tender

      Dan says:
      tax the hell out of it

      As soon as you tax it above black market value people will go right back to the black market. Yes it can be taxed, but in moderation.

  • mark83

    So because you smoke pot your a druggie thats not fair well if you drink beer you must be an alcoholic than. Thats being narrow minded.

    • J. Pudish

      That must mean that someone who drinks coffee everyday all day is a druggie then to. The definition of Drug is: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. Lets see there is a long list that does this. Sugar being a big one here, coffee, tea, caffeine in general, nicotine, all prescriptions, all sodas, you alcohol. These all do what the the definition of drug states. Guess we are all druggies.

  • Michelle

    yes, I do think that marijuana should be legalized. There are so many people that would benefit having marijuana available to them for medical reasons, especially cancer patients. Plus it would be beneficial for the state of Pennsylvania. Instead of raising the gas tax, this would be an alternative tax. Not to mention the fact, people that are thrown into jail for small amounts of marijuana, or possession, would save us tax payers a lot of money. As well as the state. Everyone benefits.

  • Randy

    Colorado is benefiting greatly from it. A few other states are following this year.

    But meth and heroin? You’re out of your mind.

    • Greg Strazdus

      If you think I am “out of my mind” for wanting these drugs legalized, in that case, (if you think you are saving people from dying) why don’t you want to ban all prescription drugs, as they cause more deaths than meth and heroin combined. If all drugs were legal, people are not going to go and use all these drugs. It will be their personal choice to use what they want to. You just need the government to care for you so you need these laws.

  • Brian

    Beats cigarettes by a long shot. I used to be against weed but now I love it. Nothing wrong with smoking after a night at the bar. Or just chilling one night to smoke. Doesn’t cut into any productivity and definitely helps me get a good night sleep.

  • Alana Elizabeth

    Moreover, hemp should be legalized. The illeagalization of “marijuana” or cannabis was to keep billion dollar industries from collapsing. It would be cheap to grow and be extremely beneficial to the marketing industry.

  • Paul

    Legalize it and tax the sale of it, this way we make money from the sale instead of it costing us all the legal and court fees associated with the arrests made from this substance,

  • Terry

    I believe that it should legalize all around, both for criminal rates that will plummet and also should be medically legalized also.

  • Arthur

    I think marijuana is healher then a regular cigar or a cigarette
    It helps with most of people problems. Smoking form and liquid form, oils ? As is stress, seizers, from being hyper, and much more health problems . Many forms of marijuana is made for specific issue and dose for each person . Doc should consider helping others to make it legal.

  • Ue

    My Dr has been telling to move so i can have medical marijuana to help with my medical problems. I also know at least 6 familys that moved so they can get treatment so yes

    • Gumba

      My Doctor told me as soon as it legal she would prescribe it for me. The amount of pain im in everyday is overwhelming her hands are tied and i wont do it til it is legal. I just cant afford to go to jail over it. So i will keep taking the pharma meds that are killing me instead because my government ok’d it how pathetic is that. What they are saying is as long as it comes from pharma and it has a patent its ok to kill you but just dont smoke something that could help and not cause injury to your Kidney and Liver such horrible BS. I do blame Pharma and big corp greed i bet if Pharma could patent it and sell it through a cvs they would be all over it as long as there greedy bank account keeps swelling but you cant patent a plant that grows anywhere can you so they will keep pouring the cash into special interest to keep it illegal.

      • Cw

        Brian your the idiot who has no education or actual input. The only argument you have made is you don’t like the smell and that everyone is a liberal. I think you need to re-evaluate your education and research methods because clearly you are ignorant to the subject and lack proper grammar. You idiot.

      • Kelly

        Dear Brian,
        The educational value of your reasoning against smoking pot was very valuable. I am more than obliged to tell you that you have done nothing but make me believe you are an alcoholic or some other type of drug abuser. Maybe even a child who has not been schooled in writing an essay and utilizing a dictionary. But what I will tell you now about myself in a very honest and respectable manner, is that, I work very hard. I enjoy life. I love my family. I read a book every month. I run by myself and with my four-legged child as often as I possibly can. I smoke a joint whenever I can and put my feet up and relax. I am most of the country. I am not looking to black out, make unwarranted decisions and then make excuses for them in the morning, forget my problems, fight a dude, bang a chick, drive to my exes house to beat up a significant other, eat a face, etc. I can off hand think of one hundred things that have been done by a person under the influence by a chemical substance. Not marijuana. Marijuana alone is comparable to sleep aid for more than 75% of people. It is a known pain reliever and relaxant. Read the statistics on people smoking pot who have cancer and auto immune diseases. Those people who are not addicted to pills, killing their insides and livers. Those who say they can live without blood thinners from all the pills and side effects because they smoke a joint instead. Let’s do our research people. Colorado is making billions. They are thriving. We are begging to claim bankruptcy. This is a no brainer.

  • Vinnie

    I would have to say at least 40% of the people I know use marijuana, weather it is a few times a year, or on a daily basis. Me on the other hand, I choose not to use it, tried it when I was younger and I don’t enjoy the “lazy” feeling I got. It didn’t give me thoughts or ideas, it just made me feel tired, hungry, and worst of all dizzy. Anyhow, as long as it is illegal crime is going to come with it, in some cases even death (drug deals). So weather its legal or not people are going to keep using it as much as they want, and get it just as easy if it was legal so why not let the state make money off of it. It could possibly lower taxes in other areas, maybe help fix the roads up a little, help out local cities and jobs, such as what happened in Scranton last year. It would bring in a HUGE revenue, just like the casino did. Prior to the casino being open, between friends, co workers, etc. there was a “poker night” every day of the week. Now I haven’t heard of one in years, which means the state is making money off of these games that used to be played in peoples basements. So I say we make it legal and put the money towards something to help out our economy because smoking pot will always be there legal or not.

  • Greg Strazdus

    All drugs should be made legal, what business does the federal government have in peoples personal life. Prescription drugs cause more deaths than heroin, meth, marijuana combined. Get the government out, and let people exercise their rights to liberty.

    • Janet Conner

      I think it should be legal for medicinal purposes.. I suffer from liver disease.. diabetes… pancreatitis.. and also a two time cancer survivor. I spent the Christmas before last having a stent put in my pancreas… so that I can eat. I’ve been suffering for the last 15 and a half years. I find smoking very therapeutic and it helps me with a barrage of the many symptoms I suffer everyday. in my opinion… it seems mighty unfair that because I am a resident of Pennsylvania, that I am not afforded to say medicine as other people in these United States are. I shouldn’t have to be forced to smoke like a sneak or feel like I’m breaking the law just to receive relief from the many ailments I suffer. I believe in time people will come around… and realize that this is Medicine. walk a mile in someone shoes… before you pass judgement on why they do what they’re doing

      • Greg Strazdus

        Great comment Janet! It is actually proven to kill cancer cells. And I believe it needs to at the least be legalized for medical use on the federal level.

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