Fed Up With Winter

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With the temperatures barely in the double digits in Montrose, many people gassing up at this gas station did whatever they could to stay warm.

“Well if you notice, I’ve got the automatic shut-off on the nozzle so I can keep my hands in my pockets,” said Bill Host of Montrose.

“It’s crazy, this is insane,” said Craig Stevens from Silver Lake Township.

It’s been a bitter winter this season; that bitterness is seeping into people’s systems.

Host said all the snow days have been a bit of an inconvenience.

“Had a couple of delays at school and a couple of cancellations is what’s bothered me the most.”

Richard Zielewicz works on gas drilling sites in the county and said the cold snap has been tough on his equipment.

“Yeah it’s real bad, everything, trying to keep all your machines running, it’s really bad. It’s so cold that everything starts to freeze and act up and get broke down on the side of the road a lot, can’t start anything.”

Stevens just returned from a week long trip in California to find that the water pipes in his house froze.

“It freezes the line coming in so no shower, no laundry, it’s all kinds of fun,” said Stevens. “I just got back from a trip, all my stuff is dirty. I’m going to have to go to the laundry mat.”

But at least he got a little break from the polar vortex.

“Eighty degrees in southern California, there were people rollerblading with shorts and bikinis on, it was interesting. Do that here, and parts will fall off.”


  • pasissy1

    Craig Stevens … A third owner of a property in which he renegotiate with Chesapeake
    A better deal for himself and siblings, do as I say not as I do says “Craig Stevens” you bet he is a Hippocrate!

  • Sherry Hart

    Hey Craig! You just returned from 80 degree weather to fill up your gas cans with a commodity of which you try to stop production! Guess who has worked 16 hour days in this bitter cold to make sure you HAVE fuel to heat your house? That’s right roughnecks and other oil and gas employees. Hypocrite!

  • Donald Roessler

    Funny Craig Stevens is a well known anti-drilling protester. What a hypocrite to run around protesting something he uses himself. And then to be smiling about it as he fills his cans.

  • Greg

    If yer going away on vacation have a neighbor run yer water each day.
    Or just leave all yer facets on a fast drip while yer gone.
    It’ll raise yer water bill somewhat but that’s a far way cheaper than
    replacing frozen pipes.

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