Third Arrest In Lock Haven Shooting

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LOCK HAVEN — Police in Clinton County say a third person has been charged in connection with a shooting last month.

Officials say Stephanie Collins was arrested earlier this week on attempted homicide and other charges.

Another suspect, Jaermel Wilson, was already locked up firearms charges as well as receiving stolen property.

Police also arrested Jamel Vasquez in connection with the shooting in December in the 100 block of West Park Street in Lock Haven.

The victim was taken to a hospital after last month’s shooting in Lock Haven.


  • Brown eyed girl

    And to think she has a child to worry about. It makes me sickening to even think or even read about this. People like her should be in jail. Can’t blame it on the two guys for her doing this. She is a grown woman and knows right from wrong or at least SHOULD!

    • Sundown

      Poor child, nope can’t blame the guys she has a mind of her own that she apparently doesn’t know how to use to her advantage! Must’ve been drugs..

  • Sundown

    What happened such a beautiful girl like you? End up like this? Got mixed up in stuff like this with people like this? How? Why?

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