Family Loses Childhood Home To Fire

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- Fire crews in Luzerne County battled the bitter cold while fighting a house fire Thursday night.

Despite their efforts, the family home in Jenkins Township was left with heavy fire, smoke and water damage.

Fire trucks were lined up in a row along Market Street in Jenkins Township after a blaze broke out around 4 p.m. Thursday inside a house.

The fire chief said when crews arrived, they found flames shooting from a first floor front window at 24 Market Street.

Once the fire was brought under control, the family who owns the home went inside to see what could be salvaged. The home belonged to their parents, and they have been taking care of the place since their parents passed away.

Now the house that was their childhood home is heavily damaged; much of what was inside is gone.

“It’s a lot of memories gone,” said Debbie Shatrowskas. “I lived here since I was six years old, my father worked really hard, it’s a shame to see it go, it really is.”

The fire chief said the freezing temperatures caused water from the hoses to ice up on the street, making conditions even more dangerous for firefighters, but luckily, no one was hurt.

“We have a big family though so we got to start new memories, you know,” said Shatrowskas.

A state police fire marshal is investigating the fire in Jenkins Township.