Reports: Shooting Victim In Philadelphia Has Ties To Central PA

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Newswatch 16 has learned that a woman who grew up in central Pennsylvania was shot and killed in an attempted purse snatching in Philadelphia.

Police there say the killing of Amber Long, 26, happened as her shocked mother watched.

Investigators say Amber and her mother Stephanie Long were walking in the 900 block of North Front Street just before 11 p.m. Sunday when two men jumped them and grabbed their purses.

One of them got Stephanie's purse but when Amber fought back against her attacker, she was shot.

The men fled the scene in a car; Amber died at the hospital.

WPVI-TV spoke with Amber’s mother who says she was visiting from Harrisburg, having a girls' night out with her daughter when she was shot.

“One of them grabbed my purse and got away, the other one tried to grab her purse and she resisted and he shot her, he just shot her, point blank, he just shot her in the chest and he shot her to kill, it went right in the heart,” said Stephanie.

Philadelphia police say they have two persons of interest matching the description of the alleged attackers in custody and are talking with them.

Both of Amber's parents spoke with ABC Action News saying their daughter came to Philly to study architecture and was now working at a local architecture firm in the city.

“She moved here to go to school and when she came here for school she loved the city and she stayed. She just wanted to get a job here so she got a job here, she loves Philly,” said Troy Long.

Police say they are interviewing other people in this case and have charged one man for making false reports to police.

No word if he was directly involved in this shooting.

A website was created in memory of Amber. Click here to check it out.


  • Local girl

    This is a disgusting act played out by a coward.
    A person who fears getting an actual job. A coward who can not stand up for himself and blames society for his misfortunes.

    The Long family now has a place in there heart that has to heal. I ache for Mrs Long and the tradgedy of what she witnessed on too of her loss.

    I pray they find the “thing” responsible for this cowardly childish crime and punish him to the full extent. He had notice and it was definitely premeditated!

  • observed

    This is a violent country…..its getting worse and worse.
    I personally would never be able to get over that. That is a shame. I cant imagine how her mother feels.

    • Broke Scholar

      Crime is committed by people of all races. The next time a child molester is arrested, take a look at what color he is. I can bet he won’t be Black.

      • Sundown

        Yeah Timothy, that comment was mad ignorant; I am from NYC and depending on the reason or the area the criminals came in a rainbow, actually, just like here…those dogs who burned Ashley? White. Those kids involved in the murder in the Poconos, both black and white. The retired cop who shot that guy in Tampa? White…Thugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What color am I? White just for the record. Black, white, pink, or purple, these monsters should be brought down by the fullest extent of the law or better…

      • Jim Brony

        Right you are, Broke. Child molester, white (and most likely a priest). Meth head, white. School shooter, white. But purse snatcher, hood thug, or just plain old lazy criminal? Well, you know…

    • Jim Brony

      Just go to the WPVI-TV web site and look at the photos of people wanted by the Philadelphia police. What needs to happen is more people need to arm themselves and start shooting this trash in the street and let them lay there and rot as a warning. Another reason to avoid the cities after dark.

  • candace chilson

    This is such a tragedy… my heart goes out to Stephanie and Troy, and the rest of their family. I used to work for this family at Goldcrafter’s Corner in Williamsport, Pa. Amber was such a bright and beautiful young lady who had so much promise. It
    hurts my heart to read this…
    I hope they find whomever is responsible for this careless act of violence on such a beautiful young soul.

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