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D.A. To Seek Death Penalty Against Accused Thrill Killers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SUNBURY — The district attorney in Northumberland County said he will seek the death penalty for a pair of alleged thrill-killers.

Elyette and Miranda Barbour of Selinsgrove were in Northumberland County court last month. Both are charged with the murder of Troy LaFerrara in Sunbury in November.

Police say the Barbours met LaFerrara through the website – an online classified advertising site – and killed him because they wanted to murder someone together.

Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Rosini also filed notice that he is requesting a joint trial for the defendants.


  • mdog

    Make em watch each other when the switch is pulled for the thrill
    they so desire. They earned it give the couple what they want.

  • EW

    Having been out of the area for 20+ yrs….I am shocked to hear something like this from NEPA, equally shocked that PA still has a death penalty! Don’t have enough info to form an opinion about the defendants…wish others showed the same demeanor…

    • ME

      We don’t need the same demeanor, as some people have no redeeming value to society and these two are a prime example. These newlyweds placed an ad on Craigslist where “companionship” was suggested and the girl sat with a man who answered the ad in a car then stabbed him to death. Both were in on the scam. The husband might have even been hiding in the back of the car. They said they did it “because they wanted to feel what it felt like to kill someone together.”
      This area has changed for the worse in 20 years—murders, home invasions, bank robberies, you name it, but this is the worst case of stupidity I can ever remember. Some people deserve to die. That’s why we have the death penalty. I hope they get it. The only tragedy in killing them, is that it won’t happen fast enough; especially to wipe that stupid smirk off the husband’s face. What does he think there is to smile about?

      • Sundown

        Amen on all counts. That smirk? It’s the smirk of one possessed by a mocking spirit of a murderer that has crossed the line of depravity! The saddest part of this is that these two won’t be put down soon enough!

  • Mike

    It’s Northumberland Country. They’ll get 6 months house arrest. Tony Rosini doesn’t have much of an edge.

    • Mike

      I agree. It’s just to create a media circus in a part of the world that is on it’s last leg. Tony Rosini is an overpaid moron who is going to have some egg on his face when they rule against the death penalty.

    • poetic justice

      Maybe it will be justice. To look at this skinny guy with his tough sarcastic smile is funny. I wonder if he realizes that he is probably going to be some real tough guys girlfriend for the rest of his life. Maybe getting passed around for ciggies. He’ll get to see just how tough he really is! Elyette is gonna be somebody’s toy. Congratulations Elyette.

  • dee

    They definetly deserve the death penalty. Our society has gotten way out of control! Kill an innocent person for a thrill?? What next? Why have laws if they get off so easy. Our country needs to wake up and not be so lax. Try this in another country and see what happens!

    • ME

      Well said, Dee. I’m also betting that all those who oppose the death penalty, would be the first ones to scream and holler, if someone they loved was killed, especially as violently and senselessly as this.

    • Sundown

      Indeed they should! People are so evil lately aren’t they, these should die along with that druggie crew and those two charming young men that set poor Ashley on fire after they stabbed and assaulted her! Why don’t we save taxpayers a ton of money and line ’em up and you can guess the rest!

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