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Stitching Together Warmth For Homeless

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LA PLUME -- Stitch by stitch students worked, tediously sewing together blankets and used fabrics.  It was part of a volunteer effort on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, all to help keep the homeless warm.

"Really no better way to spend time than to help people. Honestly, you feel good, you helped someone else feel good, and this is especially, you could save someone’s life," said Sophomore Corey Uhrine.

About 50 students along with community members are teaming up at Keystone College to sew together donated items, making sleeping bags for those stuck out on the streets in the bitter cold. It’s part of the sleeping bag project that was started by a charity in Hop Bottom.

"Wherever homeless people are, our goal is to keep them warm overnight until they can be helped by another agency," said volunteer Joan Kupetsky.

About 30 sleeping bags total are being assembled and then distributed through the Community Intervention Center and the Rescue Mission in Lackawanna County.

Before each of these sleeping bags are wrapped up and sent out, the volunteers are placing a health kit inside that will help whoever it reaches with the most basic of needs.

"The scarves the hats, the socks, some of the simplest things that gets donated to the sleeping bag project you’d never think," said coordinator of diversity Lucas Taylor.

Sophomore Jessica Reid says with how cold the weather is, she made time to stop and help.

"I couldn’t say no, so I’m doing this first and then going to class.  I think it’s really cool,” said Reid.

Volunteers like Reid say this project, that’s been around for more than 30 years, spreads more than just warmth.

"Just to see the look on their faces when they get something as simple as a sleeping bag, they’re so happy that someone out there actually cares" said Reid.

If you would like to learn more about the Sleeping Bag Project, click here.


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