Mom Defends Son Arrested After Crash

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SCRANTON -- Three teens were arrested on Monday and charged with receiving stolen property in Scranton.

Two of the three teens will be released to a parent.

The driver of the SUV will also be charged with receiving stolen property but also reckless endangerment. He will be sent to the juvenile jail across from the Scranton City Hall.

Police thought the driver of the SUV that slammed into the Vine Street Garage in Scranton's hill section, was its owner, who lost control.

Then police said three boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old from Dunmore stepped out of the car.

Officers then learned the SUV involved in the wreck was stolen from Dunmore on Saturday.

Sharon Rice's 15-year-old son was one of the three arrested.

"Even though he didn't steal the vehicle, he was in the vehicle, and when he found out the vehicle was stolen, he should have got out and went the other way," said Rice.

Rice said her son has never been in trouble with police before.

According to a source in the Dunmore Police Department, one of the other kids picked up is wanted for a break in, and may be questioned in another auto theft in dunmore this weekend.

In Scranton this afternoon, a worker at the Vine Street garage got hurt when the SUV plowed through the garage door and under a lift, under this white car.

Later at the Scranton Police Headquarters,  parents and relatives waited to see if their kids were headed to jail or headed home.

Sharon Rice hoped officers would see her son as a good kid who made a bad decision.

"How do your son got in a position where he is being arrested for this? Being with the wrong two kids," said Rice.

"He made a mistake, he made a bad choice, but I also told him, there are consequences," said Rice.

According to Dunmore Police that there may be consequences for a fourth teen involved in what happened.

A source told Newswatch 16 that a teen in Dunmore who was not riding in the SUV, may have stolen the keys, and handed them over to the driver in trouble Monday night.


  • Pissed off

    I know many people who know all of the kids involved personally. Who have spoken to them every day. I have been told on many occasions that all of them smoke weed and talk about steeling cars all the time. I also got word that they have stolen more than just this car. The only difference now is that they got busted. They caused not only damage to the building but to peoples lives. For example the man who owns the garage has to pay out of pocket for everything these kids did. They damaged the car that was on the lift and caused that family problems. And not to mention the man they HIT with the car!He could of been killed! They all need to be punished and given no leeway or sympathy. All of these parents need to lift the veil from there eyes and realize that their kids are not perfect and accept it. Maybe pay more attention to what they are doing everyday.

  • Sharon rice

    My name is Sharon rice im not a bad parent i am a single mom of 4 im noy saying my son is innocent but as far as me feeling he doesn’t deserve to be punish he does but i dont appreciate the nasty comments on me or my son

  • KAM

    A tour of the Lackawanna County Prison and a night in jail will teach them a good lesson. My son is almost 15 and 2 years ago he stole 2 little matchboxes from the dollar store which were on the floor. I was shocked, but angry and no way was I going to let that go. I made him go right back in the store and tell them what he did. Then he and I drove to the Police station and he explained to them what he had done. The Officers made it clear that shoplifting at 13 is a crime and punishable. I told him next time his A** would be in the cell and I was not kidding. To this day he has been walking a straight and narrow line. He is a good kid, an Honor Roll student and a good athlete. Yes, he gets mouthy and I have to ask him 10 times to do something, but otherwise, I can’t complain. If parents don’t set rules and consequences this is the stuff that happens. This boy needs to stay away from these other boys’ and his Mother needs to wake up and realize her son is not so innocent. DISCIPLINE YOUR SON! IT STARTS AT HOME!

  • Kathy

    She thinks he’s a ‘good boy’ cuz he was never in trouble with the law. That means he’s never been CAUGHT before is all.

  • A mother

    People need to step back and not judge and be so harsh. I am a parent and am very strict with our children. We have three around the same age. We check in when they are out, they have early curfews, there are consequences for not following rules and for grades dropping. Two of our children flourish while one still gives us problems. He tries so desperately to fit in. We try to install values and promote self esteem. Truth is no matter how hard you try teenagers will do what they want. They don’t think about consequences in the heat of the moment. I would hope that if a car pulled up and his friends were in it that he wouldn’t get in but I can’t say 100% that he would not. We understand that although he is a kid with a heart of gold he is ultimately responsible for his actions. We do relay that we do not care what the reason is. Trying to fit in is not a good reason to us. He will be joining a sports team and we hope that helps situation. Just remember that even good people, children or adults do bad things. Let him take responsibilities and consequences and move on with his life. Thank god this mistake didnt cause anyone their life. I hope he learns and doesn’t repeat.

    • Sundown

      Of course you’re right, and I can relate to what you are saying on SO many levels,, but I have to agree more with those parents, like myself crying out to be more in the know about what their kids are doing, who they’re with, and so on. Yes, like you I am very strict with my son in some ways, like his character, clear boundaries of right and wrong, etc…we attend church regularly, he is PA-Cyber Schooled because of bullying issues, and bad influence of certain acquaintances, as well as his lack of initiative to bring the stuff home he is supposed to and so on and etc…besides, the majority of our public schools hands are tied behind their backs in addressing poor character and dysfunctional family issues based on rules and regs of privacy and hurt feelings!
      However, it is Ms. Sharon Rice’s attitude that is in question, a good kid who makes a bad decision and that decision warrants what the law calls for, not what SHE calls for…she isn’t law enforcement!
      I am NOT the parent who says; “not my kid,” I am more apt to ask; “what did he do!?” just because I know they get into mischief even tho they are raised not to!
      These kids could’ve killed themselves with this foolish prank, or killed someone else! And besides they STOLE the darned vehicle, it wasn’t borrowed from a parent or friend!
      “Motor vehicle theft (sometimes referred to as grand theft auto by the media and police departments in the US) is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a car.”

  • Maria T

    I can tell this mom right now that she needs to start with realizing that she is the problem in her sons life right now. He did wrong and it’s because you seem to have so far failed as his parent. You’re not his friend, you’re his mother. He needs supervision, not a lack of. He’s young but not for long. Jump on this now and you’ll be doing yourself and your son a good service. Yes, he needs to be separated from the other kids but he also needs to be punished and held accountable for his actions in this situation as well. Why was he out there instead of home where he belongs? When I look at you, I see anxiety and stress. I can’t imagine that you’re raising him properly at this time. Raising a child is more than just a roof, bed and something to eat. Raising a child has to do with actions, accountability, admitting that they did wrong and suffering the consequences of their actions. Maybe a little time in lock-up is what he needs. You as the parent, could have prevented this if you taught him accountability for his own actions. You were less than pro-active in his life up until now and I say that without even personally knowing you. So, get off the couch, put the cigarette out and be involved in your kids life instead of just telling them “don’t be late”, as their walking out the front door.

  • policy holder

    as someone who’s life this personally effects, i just want to say a few words and let the mother of the delinquent derelict who stole the truck know that the black mazda truck was more than just a “truck.” It was a place of safety, and a recognizable place of comfort for an innocent child who has autism, it was known to him as “mommy’s truck.” i will use the analogy comparing a house to a home. irreplacable and substantially crucial documents have been compromised that can never be replaced just like the truck. So to the mother and her supposedly innocent son, think before you utter such nonsense from your irresponsible mouth. sometimes inanimate objects are more than just objects so remember that when you are defending your son for being a derelict, inexcusable in my world.

    • Frank Rizzo

      I’m sorry you had to go through this and sorry for your child. My son is also on the spectrum and i know many who are severely autistic. I think people need to wake up and start taking responsibility for things and these children need to pay a heavy price because they are already on a bad road that will lead to far worse in the future! I hate to be judgmental, but the mother on the news looks like exactly the problem here and the reason this kid is the way he is!

  • deb

    Maybe mom and everyone involved should pay fines… Do community service to help rebuild what her kid was involved in…. Just like habitat for humanity… Mom learns parenting lessons on responsibility… And someone needs to let her know he’s a kid… Not her BFF …. Making excuses for his bad behavior… And bad decisions… Not cool at all…. He knew god and well that the driver was NOT old enough…plus the kids should not be allowed to drive til they are 18…,time to crack down on this behavior… And for parents that swim the river of denial..they should pay a price for being LAZY and irresponsible parents….hahhaa yeah OK not my kid… That syndrome is old news time to clean up the problem and nip it in the bud…

    • Maria

      What’s with all the dot, dot, dots? Did you ever take an English course for sentence structuring, grammar or punctuation in school, or were you out that year? What district did you go to?

      • Seriously...?

        @ Maria, are you just going to sit here all day and read through the comments to pick out the people who seem to have grammar mistakes and/or issues, or do you have something better to do with your time…?

        Oh, there I go with dots…

      • gafan

        OMG put a lid on it already you PROOFREADER. Are you reading for sentence structure or content? How is your comprehension skills? GO LAY DOWN ALREADY

  • Duane Heverly

    Why would anyone with common sense get in a vehicle with 3 other people knowing full well that all of them didn’t have a driver’s license? You must be stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!

  • mike

    They should open up some of them old coal breakers make these kids work and pick some rocks out of the coal. They wouldnt beable to do bad stuff like this.

  • Referee

    Toss the mother in jail too. Sell her assets to help pay for the damage and hopefully everybodys insurance will cover what these riff raff can’t. Keep them out of trouble by keeping them in jail and make them pay full restitution one license plate at a time.

  • Josh

    Right, there are consequences, Ms. Rice, so stop trying to defend your son from facing them and maybe he’ll have a chance in the real world.

  • Michelle

    That boy is no angel he’s always in trouble too; and they all should of went to juvenile together they will never learn until they do. How many times do these kids have to get in trouble until they are repromanded for their actions!

  • schr8er

    The kids are ALWAYS innocent and NEVER did anything wrong.. that is why they were in a stolen vehicle… Come on people.. stop coddling your kids and face the facts… they screwed up yes.. but they have to pay for that screw up….

    • Sundown

      This is why we read what we do in the news everyday, this is how it starts..if she is smart the first order of business is to keep him away from the others when this is over..and obviously, someone knows your kid better than you do..says he is always in in point because look what happened..

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