PA Voter ID Law Struck Down

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HARRISBURG — A Commonwealth Court judge on Friday put a permanent hold on Pennsylvania’s controversial Voter ID Law.

The law, passed in March 2012, required voters to show some form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license. Voters who did not have a photo ID were entitled to obtain one issued by the state. That process involved going to one of PennDOT’s photo license centers.

Appeals kept the law from fully taking effect, although voters have been asked, but not required, to show a photo ID on Election Day.

In Friday’s ruling, the Commonwealth Court judge said that the process set up by the state for people to get photo IDs is unconstitutional because it “unreasonably burdens” the right to vote. Therefore, the law is invalid.

The state can appeal the ruling. In a written statement, the General Counsel to Governor Corbett says a decision regarding an appeal will be made shortly.

You can read the 103 page ruling here. PA VOTER ID RULING 1-17-14


  • bob loomis

    we have the right to vote. we have the right to bare arms we pay taxes we work legal jobs. WE NEED ID TO DO ALL OF THIS!!!! ITS NOT A BURDEN ITS THE LAW!!!! AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!! IF YOU CANT GET ID THEN YOU SHUDENT BE HERE IN THE USA

  • Amy

    You should have to show your ID to vote, you have to for almost everything anyway. All this taxpayer money wasted on a such a common sense matter, unbelievable.

  • David

    I used to live in PA, now in Ohio. Ohio requires a photo ID –OR– a utility bill in your name which is not more than 30 days old in order to vote at the polls. I believe some sort of identifying document should be shown in order to vote. I know voting is a right and a privilege, but when it comes down to avoiding voter fraud, there needs to be some standards in place. IJS.

    • James

      Just to be clear, David… “Right” and “privilege” are not interchangeable. Rights are something you are born with and cannot be taken away, such as the right to vote or keep and bear arms (although convicted felons have neither).

      A privilege is something that’s been granted to you conditionally and can be taken away at the giver’s discretion, such as driving. Of course, you still have the right to travel freely – just maybe not behind the wheel.

  • BB

    where does it say in the constitution that you need to provide IDs to vote? nowhere! what about all of the elderly that dont have transportation to the these PennDot centers?

    • Jim My

      how many older folks do not have some kind of id already? where is their medicaid card, or their ss card? or some form of state id? what, after you get old you no longer have any type of id? lololol if a older person has to go to the hospital, what are they using for an id?

  • Jeff

    Why is so hard to show an ID? So your ok with showing your ID for buying cigarettes or beer but when it comes to an election it’s bad? Liberalism is a disease.

  • rich

    Toys for tot’s requires a person to have not only a picture ID to qualify but requires a birth certificate. Why didn’t the liberal left lemmings cry about that??? Because they were getting something for FREE
    that is why.

  • TJ

    I don’t understand what the issue is about showing your ID. You need an ID to do most anything anymore so you SHOULD have an ID. What’s the issue???

  • Donna Jenkins

    Great ruling! I’m glad this state is not continuing its backward policies put in place by the Republican leaning policies set by this governor. Voting should be made easier, not setting up obstacles to discourage voting. Turnout is light enough.

    • carl

      bull- voting is not difficult- I voted absentee while stationed in Panama- all it takes is a request- hope you like your obamacare…….

      • stan

        Better than incompetent Bush’s economic meltdown, inflated gasoline/diesel prices and manufactured war. This clown was handed the presidency with a surplus and left with a deficit. Stick that in your fuse box, Carl.

  • carl

    This is crap- I saw people voting more than one time in Nevada- why does one need picture ID to do most everything else – no one moans about showing ID to cash a check or buy beer- These justices need to be removed

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