Businesses Excited for Holiday Weekend

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Businesses in the Poconos are looking forward to the weekend.

It's the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, which means a boost for ski areas and nearby restaurants.

Kaylee Benezia has been skiing since she was six years old.

She's celebrating the holiday weekend a bit early at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area and is considering visiting the slopes again this holiday weekend.

"It's supposed to be a good weekend. We're supposed to get some snow," said Benezia of Rosetto.

This weekend is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

For ski areas, it's a big money-maker because those who don't work or have off from school on Monday, come out to the slopes.

Jim Tust is the manager of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

He said the holiday weekend is a big family weekend for them and a good time to learn a new sport.

"We're very much a beginner-friendly mountain so we welcome lots of beginners," said Tust.

That's good news for Genine Leogrande, who's skiing for the first time.

"It's frustrating, but I like it. I get frustrated because I was athletic growing up. I never skied. I thought I was going to be better, but I'm not as good as I thought I was," said Leogrande of New Jersey.

Alex Rivera, is also new to the slopes.

She said she may come back again this weekend for a little more practice.

"I'm excited to get better this year," said Rivera of Bangor.

As long as you have your lift ticket, Four Seasons Diner will give skiers and snowboarders a 10% discount on their meal. It's a way the local restaurant can cash in on what they consider a very busy holiday weekend.

"Try and get the tourists in, the local skiers. Times are tough for everyone, so give them a little break," said Renee Koontz, the manager of Four Seasons Diner.

For about seven years, the Four Seasons Diner has always offered a 10% discount, something one group from Brooklyn is glad to redeem.

"It was awesome," said Garsam Deng.

"The food turned out so good. We're like, 'These are huge portions!' We're not used to this in New York," said Betty Li.

However, in the Poconos, the portions are huge and so are the ski slopes.