Man Wanted in Connection with Deadly Shooting

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- State police said they have an arrest warrant out for a young man in connection with a shooting death in Monroe County.

Troopers are looking for Brandon Wilson, 19, from East Stroudsburg.

They said he is a known gang member and may have fled to New York.

Troopers said Wilson is connected to a killing at a mobile park near Stroudsburg on Tuesday.

Darcey Kravchenko was found dead inside his home, the victim of a single bullet wound to the head.

Authorities believe he was the unintended victim of a drive-by shooting, and they have already charged and jailed three people.

State police did not tell us how Brandon Wilson is connected to the deadly shooting.


  • observed

    I agree w you that crime is on the rise in this area….and it is due to nyc and philly – however I don’t agree w how we got here…to this point in time as it relates to crime. The problem is that there are no opportunities in this area – and there are no good jobs. The whole area is a welfare state — and if we cut out all the social programs there will be more problems – because – what will all those people do? There are no jobs! At least none that won’t put you even further into debt – if you can imagine that. Get a grip.

    People get angry when they’re hungry. So until this country figures out how to fully employ its workforce and until the jobs that are available pay a living wage. You’ll see more of this.

    If you want to help out….go wash some dishes.

  • Dennis

    I can hear the liberals now–explaining why he did it and how it wasn’t his fault and how society has wronged him from birth, and how his skin color pre-determined his outcome. All hogwash and a total dodge of personal accountability. We’ve spent $17 trillion on liberal social programs, including welfare, since Johnson’s “Great Society” legislation was signed into law in 1964. To be sure many have been helped but more and more we are seeing that the system has done more harm than good and in the process burdened our nation with excessive debt. Generations of lives have been wasted so that votes can secured (almost entirely Democrats). Our government has recreated the plantation and enslaved millions–both black and white–to governmental dependency while black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton continue to promote this twisted message of victimization and hopelessness; further exacerbating the problem and building the divide between the races. We elect a (half) African-American President, something that should make us all proud as it illustrated how we’ve moved forward as a country. But what does he do to honor our trust in him? He squanders the greatest opportunity EVER to stem this problem, to be a leader by example for all people, regardless of race. Instead he used black people as voting pawns by continually hammering this message of inequality and victimization instead of calling people to task for not not doing the right thing—e.g. being ” baby daddy” to multiple children with multiple mothers, making these kids slaves to the state and welfare system. I could go on for hours on this, but it is futile as politics and power trump doing the right thing and our culture now promotes this gangsta mentality as “hip” and “edgy”. Such a racist I am!! (the biggest cop-out term of the last six years). How sad as we see the outcomes of this mess; the latest being this story and the picture of this thug. We will continue to see more of it. And if you have been paying attention to NEPA news in the last couple of years, you’ve seen the area fall victim to this cycle of decline as more trash from NY and Philly move in to our area and the murder and violent crime skyrockets. Get used to it–it will only get worse before it gets better and YOU had better take the steps necessary to protect your family and property before you become the “real” victim.

  • Mark

    That’s a man? How adorable. He thinks he’s a big boy playing with a “gang.” Typical NYC trash that can’t hang there, so they invade the Poconos for a little easier pickin’. Never understood the gang mentality – losers that need other losers to tell them what to do. If these clowns didn’t have guns they’d be a joke.

    • Eric

      Mark I would like to correct one part of your comment. The reason why we are seeing only lower level gang members in NEPA at the moment is not because they can’t survive in NYC or Philadelphia. The reason is the low level gang members are “grooming” the area before the senior members arrive to take over the local drug trade. Once that happens the level of violence in this area will escalate to the levels of gang neighborhoods in NYC and Philly, possibly worse due to a much less “qualified” local police force. Escape while there is still time.

      • Sundown

        So people are so all that that if someone comes in from the city and tells them to be bad, then it’s the person from the city’s fault that they are IGNORANT enough not to know better? Maybe your schools, your communities, your parents, your state-government should enlighten their citizens that you all are not exempt from making stupid choices in life just like the rest of us. It’s this erroneous attribute of exceptionalism that is your downfall in the first place when it comes to these matters! When my significant other FROM here got into trouble when he was 17 it was a home grown “adult” family member who got him there because the mother was SO trusting because no one here EVER does anything wrong right? and another family member FROM here took up with a murderer FROM here and married him…and the list goes on, and this all happened LONG before THIS stuff went down here..try about 35 yrs ago. Cities don’t have the corner market on criminals and low-lifes.

  • observed

    He looks like the poster child of a future criminal……where is his mother and what was she thinking when she raised him….surely she could have done better.

  • Sundown

    Great, if he did escape to nyc, you can bet he’ll just melt into the pot over there. Even NY’s finest will be hard pressed to find him without inside sources, good luck!

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