Texting During the Movies: Alright or Annoying?

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SELINSGROVE -- Imagine you are in a dark movie theater trying to watch a movie when you see a bright light somewhere in front of you. Someone is texting.

"I would rather not see that," Lynn Hackenberger said.

A man in Florida was shot and killed earlier this week during an argument over texting during a movie.

While Lynn Hackenberger says he thinks that is horrible and extreme, he does not think people should use their cell phones at the movie theater.

"I think it's an interruption. I would rather they not do it. I think if you go to a movie you go to see the movie and not be texting," Hackenberger said.

Several people came to Digiplex Cinema Center near Selinsgrove to see a matinée showing of Lone Survivor. Richard Beck of Lewisburg says he hopes no one texts during the movie.

"I think it's annoying. I don't know what people did before they had cell phones, texting and things like that. It's not my cup of tea," Beck said.

There are signs posted all throughout the movie theater to silence your cell phones and refrain from texting. It is also posted on the list of rules here at the theater.

"No not the whole movie I don't text. But occasionally," Toni Bowersox said.

Toni Bowersox says she is sometimes guilty of texting during the movies.

"I occasionally check my phone but I don't think people should have their brightness on that high because I find it kind of distracting. Other than that I don't really mind it," Bowersox said.

"I really don't care as long as they're not answering their phone in the movies and it's on silent," Patricia Culbertson said.

Some people we spoke with at the movie theater say the keep their cell phones close by at all times in case of emergency.


  • Oneway

    No cell phones should be used in public. My husband is a physcian and would never use his phone in public. He is always on the phone with his service, the emergency room, and the operating room. He would never use his cell phone in front of me, our children, family, friends, or strangers. Keep your private buissness private.

    Over the Holidays I had to tell the gal sitting next to me during the Loin King on Broadway to turn off her phone after the 5th text/call/email…
    Really…come on!

    Larry, Life support is a ventilator. if you are on a vent you are not talking to anyone… Just turn it off.

    • Annoyed to the limit

      Now I’m not saying that people who use their phones for communication concerning their livelihood is unacceptable. A Doctor, off duty cop or fireman, etc, etc getting a call during a movie that he is needed is certainly a great use of a cell phone. People on call for their livelihood is a different situation. I’m talking about people who inconvenience other people to tell their mother,sister, or whoever their life story or what they are doing now and every detail of their day and are annoying (as in a movie) or inconveniencing other people (when they are in the middle of an isle or holding up a line) Or sharing too much private information for everyone to hear

  • Annoyed to the limit

    Cell phones use is getting so far out of hand. People can’t put them down for a minute. I’ve seen people crossing the street playing with their phone without even looking up at trasffic and there is an overwealming temptation to run them over! How about the idiots backing from a parking spot with the phone plastered to their ears making it impossible to look behind them? Or going through a red light unaware of their deed, or at a buffet with their phones plastered to their ear while trying to fill their plates, or carrying on a loud conversation in a restaurant that overpowers the conversations of everyone around them many times while they are with family or friends. I have seen the text in the theater with the beacon like cellphones and it is annoying. Do these people really think they are that important or are they just that ignorant? Do they really think the world will end if they can’t be on their phones for an hour? Do they think they are that important as to make it OK to annoy everyone around them? Put your phones down and be considerate of others around you and contrary to what you think the world will not come to an end. Annoy the wrong person and it just might!!!

  • Spysher

    I answered my phone in the movie theater and the guys behind my husband and I threw a fit! It was the first time we’ve been out for awhile and the baby sitter called inquiring how to take care of a situation with our 4 year old type 1 diabetic son! Needless to say I won’t be going out for awhile!

    • Deb

      Your babysitter should be 100% prepared for anything when you leave your children with them. When your phone, which should have been on silent, rang, you should have left the movie area.

      • Helen

        I wouldn’t say the babysitter shouldn’t have called, but the mother should have looked at her phone (which may or may not have been silenced/ on vibrate), and then walked out, and then answered it. Answering it in the middle of the movie is wrong. I don’t care what kind of situation it is. If you’re expecting a call, you should be seated somewhere where you can easily get out of the theater, and have a plan of not bothering people.

      • Jen

        Deb, that’s mean. Next time you have a question about anything, I now expect you to not call anyone for help. Because you should be 100% prepared for anything. Jeesh, give the woman and her babysitter (presumably a teenager) a break.
        As for the second sentence, I agree with that.

  • Mr. Papageorgio

    Metal detectors should be put everywhere and all people who set them off due to having a cell phone in every establishment imaginable should have them confiscated! How many times do you hear of confrontations because of irresponsible and disrespectful people who don’t know when enough is enough. We DON’T want you hear your conversations in line at the grocery store, we DON’T want you see you texting in a movie theater, we DON’T want you see you on the sidewalk running into people because you are so enthralled with your important cell phone, and god forbid they ever allow them on planes. This guy should be given the key to the city, not locked up. He probably confronted the guy, and like so many people who think that their cell phone is more important than anything, probably smarted off to him and he got shot as a result. You can say what you want about this comment but in the end the TEXTER is DEAD, the shooter is ALIVE.

    • Deb

      I’m not saying the guy should have been shot, but he shouldn’t have been on his phone. If he needed to use his phone, he should have gone into the lobby or outside. Some people think they are above the rules and apparently, this guy was one of them.

  • bobc74

    No, you shouldn’t be using your phone in a movie theater. If you can’t be away from your phone for the length of a movie, then you should be either not at the movies or seeking professional help.

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