One Shot, Four Face Charges In Alleged Home Invasion

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NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP -- A home invasion in Susquehanna County ended with charges against four people and one of the suspects being shot by the homeowner.

State police in Susquehanna County think four people plotted to force their way into a home Monday night because they thought the homeowner kept a lot of cash.

Little did they expect the homeowner near Gibson would answer the door, holding a gun!

David Braman, 69, of New Milford Township lives on a remote rural road near Gibson and says he always answers the door late at night, gun by his side. But when a man came to the door asking for help, claiming his car broke down and there was a baby in the car, Braman wanted to help, not realizing what was about to happen next.

Neighbor Alex Kostek lives just about a mile away and says he was the first to find his friend David Braman after the attack.

“I rushed down here and Mr. Braman was sitting on the porch, not in good shape and covered with blood.”

Kostek says it all started when a man knocked on Braman's door saying they broke down and needed help.

State police say once Braman noticed the man was wearing a ski mask, he attempted to close the door, but it was too late.

He was thrown to the ground on his back, and the gun he was holding went off three times in the struggle.

One suspect, Francis Muchanic, 31, of Susquehanna, was shot in the groin.

Braman was also hurt.

“He never flashed the gun, he never threatened anybody.  It was only after he was lying flat on his back in the hallway here fighting for his life, that the gun went off in the struggle,” Kostek said.

The suspects left the scene and hopped on Interstate 81 north at the Gibson exit but then they ended up calling 911 themselves asking for help.

Troopers say Erica Major, 30, Muchanic's girlfriend, was driving and later claimed Muchanic was shot when they stopped along I-81 to help someone who was broken down.evan hess mug

It wasn't long before state police connected the dots.

One suspect, Evan Hess, 20, of Forest City, fled on foot with Dylan Brewer, 20, of New Milford.

Brewer is in custody. Hess is still on the loose.

Braman has a black eye, knocked out teeth and is bruised up and down his back.

His friends say he's lucky.

“I’m so thankful that Mr. Braman had the presence of mind in the dark, in a remote area, to come to the door with a gun at his side.”

Muchanic is in a Binghamton hospital in critical condition.

The four suspects are facing a slew of charges including robbery, theft, conspiracy, and simple assault.


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