Cops Suspect Drug Lab In Vehicle Near Township Building

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP — State police in Luzerne County responded to the scene of a suspected mobile drug lab in Dorrance.

Dorrance Township’s secretary treasurer Pat Davis said she spotted something not right happening inside cars parked at the municipal building Tuesday morning.

“Dorrance is rural. There’s a lot of other places they could have been than next to a municipal building,” Davis said.

Davis says the windows on the cars parked near Blue Ridge Trail were fogged up and two men inside have been seen there at odd hours at other times, as far back as Thanksgiving.

State troopers were called and they say a suspected meth lab on wheels was found inside the black hatchback just steps away from the township building and a public playground.

“There’s propane tanks right in the back of the municipal building. Lord knows what could have happened,” Davis said.

Regina Harcharik lives next door to the township building and says she also noticed cars in the early morning hours in the parking lot, just steps away from her front porch.

“When I got up I saw all of the state police cars and cars around and felt, ‘oh, something is finally done.’”

Troopers say two men are in custody and they’re being questioned about the suspected mobile meth lab.


  • Sundown

    Gee, right near a playground? waytago you low-lifes! Hats off to law-enforcement, it seems for the new year they are catching up with all the bad guys that ended last year on such a sour note!

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