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Two Collared In Luzerne County Robbery Spree

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WILKES-BARRE -- Authorities have made arrests in a string of robberies on Luzerne County.

According to the FBI, Jeffrey Townsley, 42, and Charles Conden, 47, were picked up Friday at a motel in Plains Township.

Agents say Townsley is charged with nine recent robberies.

Townsley is charged by criminal complaint in nine armed robberies that took place between December 24, 2013, and January 10, 2014, including:


Conden is charged as a co-conspirator.

The images of police cruisers and crime tape have become all too familiar in the west side of the Wyoming Valley in the past few weeks like the bank robbery in Kingston on Christmas Eve and the surveillance pictures of a crook holding a gun at a clerk three days later at Adult World on Route 11 in Larksville.

"When it’s going on all around you, you’re kind of waiting for that to happen."

Mark Colby says he and his coworkers at Thomas' Beer Deli on Washington Avenue in Larksville feared that they would be robbed next  after several businesses nearby were held up.

"You get kind of paranoid,” said Katlyn Bavits of Larksville. “It’s kind of crazy, someone coming in, know what I mean? Especially the same night, CVS down the road got robbed and it’s right down the road from my house."

Workers say the doorbell did not go off when the robber walked into Thomas’ Beer Deli on Wednesday. Instead, workers say the crook went through a door meant only for employees and when he walked up to the cash register wearing a ski mask, workers thought it was a joke."

"I thought it was a joke,” Colby said. “I thought it was somebody that comes in the store busting chops because of all the robberies that are going on."

Security camera photos show the masked robber pointing a gun at Colby and a customer when he robbed Thomas' Beer Deli of $300 last week.

The FBI now says Jeffrey Townsley and Charles Conden have been charged for nine armed robberies - two banks and seven stores - including the hold up at The Beer Deli.

"I hope it’s over because I was worried the whole time about it happening again. The same guy coming back, didn’t get enough the first time. He made a comment when I gave him the money in the register. He said ‘That’s it?’ I said ‘It’s 3 o’clock on a Wednesday, what’d you expect?’"


  • anon.

    I happen to know for a fact that he has a extensive background of prior so I highly doubt this one with end with just 6 months probation. Jus sayin…

    • Sundown

      Well, around here they are likely TO be white, depends on demographics, you know that. What now you want to change the color of someone’s skin so a race “looks” better or not based on if someone commits a crime? If that bothers you so much you should take heart in the fact that most serial killers are white, and as a matter of fact I just found a link on the FBI that shows that whites outnumber blacks in a number of crimes, but can’t post links here..your comment is just as ignorant as those who would comment with racial fact the number of total arrests of whites over blacks are double! These stats are from 2011. You can find the table thus; google “crime by race,” it’s the third hit, it’s “called FBI table 43…”

    • Sundown

      …and if it were Philly, or NYC, they would likely be’s easy enough to look up crime reports on other news sites!

  • Sundown

    Awesome job law enforcement! It didn’t take too long! you got these losers, and the other two who were minors yet a few ago! Thank You!

  • TheWizard

    They’re lucky some store owner didn’t pump a slug into their gut, which would have been a preferable ending.

  • Stan Smith

    I wonder how much total they got from all robberies combined….. I bet its not gonna be worth the 20+ years they’re going to get for it. Nobody wants to be a janitor or dishwasher…. but its better than spending your life with murderers and rapists in a cage.

    • Mike

      It’s NEPA, the prisons are full. He’ll get 6 months probation for this. The judges in the area don’t have the balls they once did. Most of them are crooks themselves.

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