Family of Climber Sets Up Fund for Recovery Team

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- A family in Lackawanna County is asking for help in the process of recovering a family member's body from another country.

Investigators said Francis Keenan, 28, of Lackawanna County, died while climbing the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, located in Argentina.

The family was told that the recovery of the body is now the families responsibility. Their plan is to hire a rescue and recovery team. A memorial fund has been set up to help with the expenses of hiring a team, and as well as the process of transferring him home and setting up a funeral.

The family says they are thankful for the overwhelming amount of support.

Any donations can be sent to:

Pennstar Bank
801 South Main Street
Tayor, PA 18517.
Payable to: Dianne Carson FBO (for benefit of) Francis Keenan
Account # 7005406433