Ice and Rain Cram Creeks

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HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP -- While there is a flood watch in effect for several counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it's not the rivers that present an imminent risk, but the smaller creeks and streams.

We stopped in one spot in Luzerne County where people say they have not seem this much ice in more than half a century.

Swamp Road in Hunlock Township living up to it's name.

Our recent roller-coaster weather has resulted in ice and rain duking it out in Hunlock Creek.

With much of the ground frozen solid, the rain runs into waterways that in some spots are jammed with ice. A situation that can be a set up for flash flooding.

The Meeker family lives in a home where two creeks come together. Experience has taught sisters Gloria and Brandee to keep an eye on the water.

"We are prepared for anything and everything so we are ready for everything," says Gloria May of Hunlock Township.

She says that when the water gets up to the hole in the wall under the bridge, it's time to get the sump pump ready.

The sisters say when you live by a creek you get used to flooding, but the chunks of ice piling up this year are pretty unusual

"We get a lot of flooding around here, especially with the snow melting and the rain coming in at the same time, but other than that we don't get these ice jams," says May.

It's been more than fifty years since locals remember anything like this

"Brought her out to see the ice chunks, you know, check it out so right," says Brandee McCarthy who's two-year-old daughter seemed delighted by the spectacle.