Teens Busted for Burglaries

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PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP — State police in Carbon County said they have arrested two teens in connection with a series of burglaries.

Troopers said the boys, ages 14 and 15 broke into eight homes near Albrightsville in July and August.

State police said the pair did $38,000 in damage to the homes and stole everything from bicycles and video game consoles, to clothing, jewelry and alcohol.

The teens each face 28 charges.


  • Sundown

    Where were their parents? These kids are done until they’re 18, and hopefully they can get reconditioned and restored…

    • Victim

      And I was one of the victims….I don’t pity them one bit!!!!!!! They are old enough to know right from wrong! Justice will prevail!

      • Sundown

        Oh, I agree, and I am very sorry this happened to you..but I have to have hope that there is hope of some kind, I would rather they get out after SOME time, enough time, GOOD time and have a second chance at life than some of these So-called adults that drug, deal, murder, rob, rape, mess with children, etc… that they let out after 5 whole minutes!
        I am very strict in my home when it comes to one’s character, and there are no doubts my two step-sons, my son, or anyone who enters there-in has ANY doubt about that! many have been banished from my home. BUT, not until they were of age well past, or they belonged to someone else! We had approximately 10 kids pass thru our doors under the age of 18 whose parents told them to get out…I told them and their parents once…either get with the program or I am reporting them! You cannot toss your kids into someone else’s lap! it is likely the parents of these boys were unlike those I have come across…so sad…If the home life is THAT bad, investigations must be made and these kids must have someone, someplace to turn to…but they won’t cooperate with authorities, I have tried.

    • Mike

      Albrightsville is nothing but developments in the middle of no where. Kids there do nothing but drugs and have sex because the parents work all day.

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