Taking a Second Look at Re-Winterizing Your Home

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The upper 40s and 50s we could hit this weekend might feel like a heat wave compared to the bone chilling temperatures we experienced earlier this week.

And home improvement pros say this Saturday and Sunday could be just the right time to think about re-winterizing your house.

When it comes to losing heat in your home, drafty doors are a big culprit. But home improvement pros say there are still some other spots in your house to take a second look at in case those sub-zero conditions return anytime soon.

When the record-breaking winter temperatures hit parts of our area so many have us experienced this.

"It was unbearably cold outside, even inside. I feel like I couldn't get it to warm up. I was cranking the heat up but I feel like maybe there's some drafts," said Amy Dubois.

And Amy isn't alone in that frigid feeling. Newswatch 16 stopped by her house in Scranton armed with some helpful household hints we got from the pros, all to see if we could pinpoint any potential problems when it comes to why heat is escaping her home.

Contractors say one place that's often overlooked are electrical outlets where sometimes cold air can make its way through the exterior walls.

Amy followed the quick check the pros recommend. She wet her hand and waved it around the outlet trying to see if she could feel anything.

A cold draft was coming through.

One solution was one of the outlet sealers which Amy was able to install in no time.

"You were like Tim the Toolman Taylor, that was really fast. Now we have to check to see if it actually worked. We're doing the re-check with the water test. So give it a big old wave. It's like a magic wand," says Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey.

"No drafts!" Amy said.


"Not like what you had before. Mission accomplished."

Up next, some of the biggest offenders that can jack up your home heating bills in cluding those drafty doors and windows.

While Amy's windows looked fairly new, our dollar bill check proved some cold air is still creeping in since the money slipped right out.

The solution? A window insulation kit which comes with double-sided tape and shrink wrap. All you need is a hair dryer to mold it to the window. The dollar bill test also works on doors. Amy tried installing a double draft door stopper, but it wasn't so easy.

"It was a little tough to install and it didn't stick on there. It could be because the house was built in the 1920s and the doors are a little high," Amy said.

Home improvement gurus say other options include a big towel or blanket around the door and consider re-weather stripping it. If all of that fails, it may be time to consider a new door all together.