Proposed Tire Burning Facility Will Not Be Built

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A company that wanted to construct a tire-burning facility in Central PA has backed out of the project, and that has some residents cheering in Union County.

"This is a day to celebrate. This is great news I think," Pete Mackey said.

Pete Mackey of White Deer Township is breathing a sigh of relief because a proposed tire burning facility will not be built near his house.

"I have four-year-old twin daughters and we live about two miles from the national gypsum factory where this tire burner was going to be built so we are absolutely delighted," Mackey said.

En-Tire Logistics of Milton wanted to put the tire burning facility next to National Gypsum in White Deer Township. It would have burned tires and other fuels to produce electricity and steam for National Gypsum, which manufactures drywall.

DEP confirmed this week En-Tire Logistics and National Gypsum backed out of the plan. National Gypsum released the following statement:

"Although National Gypsum firmly believes the En-Tire project is environmentally sound and would have provided good-paying jobs, the company also has heard and considered the objections of the White Deer community. "

"We are just so so happy about national gypsum pulling their support from the project and the tire burner is no more," Reverend Doctor Leah Schade said.

Reverend Doctor Leah Schade coordinated the "Tire Burner Team", which is a group of about 50 volunteers who were against the proposed facility.

"The community really came together in a wonderful way of grassroots community organizing," Schade said.

"We were determined to work together to stop it and we're glad that we at least had some part in stopping it together," Mackey said.

Not everyone is happy with the decision to terminate the project. Some people voiced their concerns on Facebook about the loss of jobs the facility would have brought. Schade disagrees.

"We want good paying jobs and we want good industry here but not ones that are going to threaten the community," Schade said.

A representative for En-Tire Logistics did not return our calls. No word on if the company plans to build a tire burning facility anywhere else.