English Teacher Slapped With More Sex Charges

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KINGSTON -- An English teacher from Luzerne County was arrested again this morning, accused of having sexual contact with a second student from Wyoming Valley West High School.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper of Kingston was arraigned this morning on charges of institutional sexual assault and corruption of minors.

Authorities said Harrington-Cooper sent racy text messages to a 17-year-old student in October, and later had two sexual encounters with the teenager in a car.

Last month she was charged with inappropriate contact with a different student.

The superintendent at Wyoming Valley West School District said Harrington-Cooper was suspended without pay after the first arrest.

People who live in Plymouth told Newswatch 16 that they are disgusted by the allegations against the educator.

“It did surprise me when I saw it on TV. It was really shocked me,” said Geraldine June. “It gives a bad name for the school.”

One of Harrington-Cooper’s students, who did not want to be identified, said a lot of rumors were spreading around the high school before his teacher was first arrested.

“When the kid came in, they were all laughing and everything and having a good time together. Everything was so secret,” the student said. "She was strict but like, once everything started happening, you could tell something was changing and she seemed more happy.”

Luzerne County detectives urged parents in the district to talk with students, but the investigator would not say if they expect more victims to come forward.


  • Jasper

    She was in a position of authority and abused that power. Smh
    You sound like a bunch of backwoods Kingston/Plymouth trolls.lol

  • Red

    Would all the Mary’s relax about the location and get back to shopping at the dollar store. For the fourth time, we HEARD you.

  • Timothy Simmons

    Age of consent in PA is 16, I don’t see what the problem is here. Hopefully these malicious and unwarranted charges will be dropped soon.

    Unless the kid was in the special needs class, and she really did ‘corrupt’ him, these charges are ridiculous.

    • Steve

      You are correct, the age of consent in PA is 16. So in that way, I too, feel she did nothing wrong. However, on the job end of things, I’m sure in her contact or code of ethics it says something like this is immediate termination. Which I can understand and also agree with.

  • Rondo

    what i wanna know is… where the hell was this teacher when i was going to school? i think there is one substitute teacher that looked nice but thats it

  • Yeah

    Plymouth is just as scummy as wilkesbarre. Take a drive down main street and take a notice to all the scrubs walking the street.

  • za za

    really Plymouth? really? you’re actually worried about misinformed information stating that the teacher was from Plymouth instead of Kingston? really? take a look around. that’s the least of your problems. your town is a black hole that no one can seem to escape but that’s okay be in an uproar over wneps mistaken residential location. it’s probably the most exciting thing that hapoened since fainbergs closing.

  • jim

    can you imagine all the years of college and sacrafices ya make to become a teacher? and ya totally screw it right up, wow! the summer off,,snow days off,,great benefits,,and destroyed! for sex! i bet she could of had any guy she wanted, shes beautiful! what was she thinking? its hard to believe all the teachers in the past five or so years iv read about in the paper or saw on the news,,, caving in for a teenager! i just dont understand how you can bring yourself to persuing that.. theres wayyyyyy too much to lose besides your freedom

  • Jay Morgan

    Your comment shows your total ignorance about the propriety of her actions. I hope you never had children, they wouldn’t learn a thing from you.

  • Mary Jarrett

    Thank you for the correction WNEP. Thank you for hearing us. We have problems in Plymouth but we will not allow problems from other towns to be ascribed to us.

  • ChurchOfTheFlesh

    No charges should be filed if it was consensual. Celibacy is an outdated and oppressive doctrine. Yes there is a double standard for males! Males are less likely to be raped by females! Males are generally physically stronger! Males do not see sex the same way! It is a fact! Men are not “raped.”

    • Shutyourpiehole

      Flesh, you sound like a pure moron right now, nobody is arguing about whether or not it was consensual everybody knows it was, the argument was that if the teacher was male and the student was female people would be calling him a pedophile rapist even if it was consensual, the perpetrator should be dealt with the same no matter the gender, is that too complicated for you? Because you sound like a shmuck right now

  • anom

    Mark FF, you are absolutely wrong. It’s exactly the same. I’d even venture to say what she did is worse. Boys at that age don’t have the same emotional IQ as girls, and the latter generally mature faster. Anyone can potentially be coerced regardless of gender. If a male did this the outcry and sentencing would likely be worse and that just illustrates our bias in society and in the courtroom.

    • Jay Morgan

      Sending you a 55 gallon drum of Imodium, as you have the worst case of diarrhea of the mouth I’ve ever seen.

  • I want to be a student again

    Just imaging how her husband feels?!?!?! She had to turn to young men for satisfaction.

    • Sundown

      she didn’t “have to” do anything of the sort! she is a hole, plain and simple and I hope these kids moms get the chance to beat her *ss when she gets out! that’s what I would do..

      • Kyle

        she isnt an a hole what so ever she is an amazing person and i was one of her students im tired of hearing everyone bash on her and tell her how she is disgusting.. no she had sex so what, everyone does, doesnt matter the age, it was consensual, both parties wanted it, so there was nothing wrong with it the only problem is was that he was 17 and with the 18 year old student there is an entire story behind why all that happened, but your all ridiculous, and ignorant we all make mistakes.. so what

  • James D. Hagen

    The only good that come out of Plymouth anymore these days is Uncle Bucks bar and grill…………. Cause it sure as hell ain’t no pedophile woman who teaches at WVW! Go uncle buck…. we love ya. U betcha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark_FF

    I’m not excusing her, she needs to be professional and have self – control but let’s not make these boys innocent victims. I never had sex with a teacher but I knew all about sex and the consequences of my actions at 17. Again, not saying she shouldn’t be charged but if we’re going to talk about it at least be honest. I don’t care what anyone says there is a big difference between this and a 35 year old male teacher with a female student.

    • Joe

      There is NO difference between this and a male teacher/female student. What, 17 year old girls don’t like sex or can’t initiate these types of situations? That’s what is wrong with people. An adult woman having sex with a minor boy is just as bad as a man and girl. News flash, girls are not innocent little things and boys sex crazed maniacs. This behavior won’t stop as long as people think it’s no big deal. Really sad we don’t do more to protect boys like girls.

      • Mark_FF

        Most 17 year old boys are sex crazed maniacs. Just look at the latest comments. Something tells me those commenters are older than 17 too. Young females could feel coerced into Sex or that they’d be punished if they resisted. These guys didn’t feel those pressures they just wanted a piece of her. Again not saying she isn’t guilty but it is not the same.

    • Helen

      If you want to say the boys knew exactly what they were doing, go ahead. I don’t blame you. In one year, they’ll be called men, and they can be blamed for such actions with underage girls. But to say that there is any difference between this and male teacher/young girl is absolutely wrong! A 17 year old girl would know exactly what she’s getting herself into, if not more so than a boy would. Isn’t it true that girls mature faster than boys? Yes. So, to make it sound like only a girl can be a victim in this situation is absolutely crazy.

      • Jer

        Helen i strongly. Disagree maturity or not girls mature around age 11-12 and boy it is 13-14.young girl or guy knowing what their doing its still wrong for what the teacher did.but Helen you made it out to seem like a 17 year old girl knows what she’s doing majority of the time I’d say at that age it’s 60 % to 40% and that 60 percent is saying a young lady doesn’t know always knows what’s going on.the main thing going on here is that teacher got involved with children under the age of 18 and that is a crime.male or female teacher and student boy or girl it’s the same crime.

  • Sharon Getz

    What is this world coming to?
    You can’t trust police officers,priests,teachers,lawyers,day cares,neighbors,etc.
    At one time these were the people that helped you,defended you,protected you and taught our children.
    Now lately I have been reading a lot of wrong doings from all of the above but while they are doing all of the illegal things, they should be knowing that they will get caught and punished for their wrong doings.
    One never knows what is going on in life anymore nor who to trust;
    Sad world we live in but kudos to the true people of our society that are true to their jobs and wouldn’t harm anyone.

      • James D. Hagen

        Damnit……….. the sky is falling! ………..again! I say in 4yrs (2 1/2 for good behavior), we should all go down to the Chabaret on Market St Kingston, being she just ruined her proffessional career…………… Go there for chastising and dollar lap dances!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2 male students will probably be there and may even buy us a drink!

    • Sundown

      Yes, they are without fault in this situation. It’s called, “just say no,” if she was your wife, and some 17 yr old wanted to bang her, and she caved…what?….Just because people cave to seduction doesn’t make the seducer guilty by nature of success of pursuit!
      She was in a position wherein it is inappropriate to have sex with a 17 yr old. What if you’re 17 yr old was seeing a psychologist, male or female child, and the psychologist, or doctor, or nurse, or cop, or priest, or sunday school teacher, etc…someone above said she wasn’t a hole, well yeah, she is, because she is supposed to be looking out for her kids, not going down their pants..
      and no just one student but 2? maybe her husband IS proud and gets off on that sort of thing..dunno? but if everyone here is sticking up for her, guess he is too..and @Flesh you are a moron, without morals, hence why you’re a moron

  • cat

    Send her away, if a man would have done this with a young female there would be no question….there should be no question, she is a molester………

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