Man Handed Drug Charge

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WILKES-BARRE -- One of the suspects involved in a drug and weapons case at a troubled housing complex in Wilkes-Barre has returned from New Jersey to face charges.

Authorities said Lashawn Burgman and a woman headed for New Jersey after Burgman accidentally shot himself in the leg at Sherman Hills in late December.

Police believe he and a woman have something to do with drugs that were found in an apartment at Sherman Hills.  Wilkes-Barre Police said the apartment was shut it down.

This is the first Sherman Hills apartment closed under the city's new one strike ordinance meant to fight drug activity.


  • Timothy Simmons

    Its a completely unconstitutional ordinance. You cant punish a law abiding property owner for the actions of a tenant. the local authority out here in montour county tried a similar ordinance, it was challenged by the landlord and was overturned right at the appeals court. i think if anything, city officials should be prosecuted for trying to rob a property owner of his civil rights.

  • Dee

    they need to keep it, that place has had 50 strikes. shut it down, knock it down.. tired of this crap in my city.

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