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Embracing the Cold

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- As many of us try to avoid being out in the elements for a long period of time, some of us are forced to be out in this cold brisk weather, sometimes, all day long.

Then there are others braving the elements for a really cool photo opportunity.

Newswatch 16 caught one group taking advantage of a unique backdrop as they quickly capture a few final pictures of their trip to Monroe County.

The backdrop may look like a huge field of ice and snow, but it's actually the Delaware River where it runs along The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort near Delaware Water Gap.

"This is awesome. I love the way this looks. The entire river is white," said Carmina Ortiz of New Jersey.

Ortiz says she can't get over that the snow-and-ice-covered area, with pieces of sharp ice clusters sticking out, is the Delaware River.

"We just never thought the river would be like this. Frozen. So it's awesome," said Ortiz.

A little bit away from where the group was taking pictures, the Delaware River peeked out through the massive sheet of ice covering the river. But then upstream, that sheet of ice continued, as far as the eye could see.

The ice-encased river is an enticing scene for one resort official.

"Disclaimer: do not walk across it.  But I'm wondering, can a person walk across this river?" questioned Jeromy Wo of the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.

No one did, as they enjoyed just looking at what the cold can do.

But for those working in the frigid temperatures, the cold wasn't as fun.

"It's not the greatest. But it helps pay the bills," said Paul Wilson, a gas attendant at Hess Gas Station in Stroudsburg.

Wilson's job is pumping gas for people who pull into the full service section at the gas station. He says as long as he keeps moving, he stays warm.

Customer Jennifer Brockley Smith of Stroudsburg feels for Wilson.  She also knows what it takes to make the cold more bearable.

"You're fine as long as you layer up. The more layers, the better off you are," said Brockley Smith.