Teacher Arrested On Charges Of Sex With Student

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A teacher from Luzerne County faces charges after police say he sexually assaulted a high school student.

Authorities charged Edward Evans, 33, Hanover Township this morning with two felony counts of institutional sexual assault.

Officials at Hanover Area School District told Newswatch 16 that Evans has been a social studies teacher at the high school near Nanticoke since 2003.

Court papers said Evans brought a male student to his home in March 2013, and the two engaged in sex acts.

Authorities said Evans was released without having to post bail.

The district superintendent released a statement that said Evans is on unpaid leave indefinitely, and that the district will terminate the teacher if he is found guilty of the criminal charges.

District officials confirmed that the teacher facing criminal charges is the son of school board president Evelyn Evans.


  • mdog

    My science teacher Mr. Pitcavage opened my eyes to my own abilities, he was the best teacher i ever had. Because of his “want” to teach i went from a C- to an A student. A teacher has the power to change a kids life. Thank you Mr. Pit i only wish more teachers were as honorable as you.
    Now any teacher with DEVIATE intentions needs to teach fellow prison mates.
    Not schoolmates.

  • mdog

    Sad thing is these days one can get “set up” with this kind of charge.
    Such a horrible deviate thing to happen in this world.

  • stan

    Hey, is Mr. James Gula still teaching at Hanover Area High? Now, that man was a good teacher and an honorable U.S. Navy veteran. Whatever happened to Gary Lee, Steve Kaminski and Stan Kimball? 3 tough wrestlers.

  • Disgusted

    You know what else makes me sick…. In 2004 Edward Evan was arrested for supplying alcohol to minors in Ocean City Maryland during senior week!!! How the hell did he even get a teaching job in the first place. Guess mommy didn’t know he little Eddie was a predatory animal before she got him the job!!!!!

  • Disgusted

    Eddie Evans aka “the boss man” is a freaking creap. I am surprised it took this long for him to get in trouble. He buys alcohol for underage kids, has parties at his house with students. It’s a disgrace that he even got a teaching job in the first place. This guy even had the nerve to take bets as a bookie while he was a teacher! The guy never even passed his praxis exam. Another thing that’s sick is that Hanover Area allowed him to have a foreign exchange student live with him while he was a teacher. What the hell is wrong with the school!!! And the exchange student was a male student … What a surprise. This case is just like and other case that involves a twisted pervert that preys on kids and uses their authority figure to get what they want. This is only the beginning of what’s to come out about this disgraceful teacher. Maybe he can share a cell with redemeers “Ostrosk.” The only thing i hope is that the Hanover Twp police department does their job!!!

    • proudmomma

      Coming from someone who probably is again friends with the male student that he “supposedly” sexual assaulted . Just like everybody else your judging somebody by what you hear not what you know. I know the kid and he is an attention seeker lookinhg to get a teacher in trouble for publicity and he thinks he looks cool. So as nice as possible please shut the hell up. Thanks.

  • mastermind

    What a politically challenged country this has become!!!! Everyone here is defending this guy; and you know if it was a female student he would behind bars right now, and everyone wanting him to fry for his alleged crime. He reportedly was having sex with a male student, you all praise this behavior, so you are all defend him, knowing that in the back of your minds, you all are glad he was doing it with a male.

  • Roy

    I don’t believe it for a minute. Ed wouldn’t do something that stupid. You can’t judge a man before you even know the facts like I’ve seen people doing. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • gafan

    It’s interesting to see all of this teacher’s supporters/students post their misspelled, run-on, gramatically incorrect rants that barely make sense.. Maybe he wasn’t that great in the classroom after all.

    • SG

      Son of the School Board President released indefinitely without pay.. Wiiiieeerd. People (and their people) like this make me sick! Absolutely sick. No, we cant escape it,.. but we have to start somewhere. Until then, the honest hard working men and women of this country will just have to keep on keeping on. Protect your children and value your morals. God bless America.. PLEASE!!!

  • Bre

    None of you actually know if it’s true or not so how can you judge him? How about, you all find something better to do with your time rather then jump to conclusions and pretend the media is always right? If it’s true the he’ll get what’s coming to him. End of story.

  • Mike

    This seems to be a trend in NEPA. It’s very popular in Northumberland County. Psych evaluations should be required to be a school teacher.

  • Tiff

    He was only out of school for 5 days last year and he came back and tought the rest of my senior year..than taught a little bit of the school year

  • Courtney

    the student lied to get the teacher in trouble. this isn’t true at all I know the kid who did this to get the teacher in trouble, and mr. evans is a nice teacher, he wouldn’t do something why risk your career over a stupid rumor just to get the teacher in trouble.

  • proudmomma

    you don’t know the full story nobody does only what they put on the news. I know mr evans had him as a teacher he is an excellent teacher he knows the law he teaches crminal justice for godsake, he wouldn’t risk his career over a pathetic rumor making child unlike a few teachers at hanover who don’t know what they are doing investigate that.

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