Crash in Extreme Cold near Bloomsburg

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP – A crash closed part of Route 11 near Bloomsburg just before noon today when the temperature outside was hardly above zero.

Police say two vehicles hit head on, but it was employees here at Bloomsburg Carpet who saw it and actually heard it first.

"A lot of us were just in our offices doing some work and we all heard a loud bang, I even felt the building shake just a little bit," said Bloomsburg Carpet employee Ryan Sego.

"All I heard was a loud explosion, didn`t know where it was coming from and I looked out my window and saw the smoke from these two car vehicles," said Bloomsburg Carpet employee Lorraine Carey.

The driver of this white van was trapped inside, while the other driver told police she actually tried to avoid the crash as she saw the other driver drifting across the center lane.

"She was actually going to the bank, she said that a white van was coming north, veered over into the center lane, crossing into her lane and struck her head on," said South Centre Township Police Officer Vince Figueiredo.

Within moments of that crash employees here at Bloomsburg Carpet say they did whatever they could to make sure the people in those cars stayed warm while help was on its way.

"Just started running out and yelling as I was running out the door that there was an accident," said Carey.

Blankets upon blankets were rounded up and used to cover the victims, trying to keep them warm while battling the frigid elements.

"Just trying to keep the drivers of the vehicles warm in weather like this with windows broken out you know, you`ve got to keep them warm,” said Sego.

Bloomsburg Carpet employee Ryan Sego says he actually talked with the man driving the white van as he was trapped inside.  He told Sego he was on his way home from work.

The driver was taken to the hospital, a much better outcome than most originally thought.

"I thought for sure somebody probably didn`t make it, especially in the white vehicle,” said Sego.

Police are investigating the crash, which they believe may be medically related.

The driver of the white van, Gerald Wiggin of Bloomsburg is listed in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.