One Dead After Crash on Icy Road

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TREMONT TOWNSHIP -- State police said the icy conditions contributed to a deadly crash in Schuylkill County.

Troopers said one vehicle crashed on Route 209 north near Tremont, just before 3 p.m. Sunday.

According to state police, the driver, Amanda Minnich, 25, of Tremont lost control on the slushy, ice covered roadway and struck a tree. She died at the scene.

A passenger in the car was taken to Hershey Medical Center. There is no word on her condition.


  • good friend

    have sympathy all the way…she was a mother of 2 children….she wasnt flying…she HIT ice…when you have a busy life its hard to sit and watch the news when you work and have kids and they need things and always on the go…so u must not really have a life to sit here and down her…u must not have known what type of women she was…she was amazing and a fantastic mother…she worked hard to take care of those kids and loved her job…get ur stories straight before you try and bash her…

    • kellie

      Blah, blah, blah blah, blah!!! I bet she wishes she would have checked the weather now!!! Apparently you have no life yourself if you “can sit and bash” my comment!!! I would recommend you read your post before posting them….you make NO sense!!!! LOL

  • barbie

    I’m so sorry to hear something like this and there people out there so stupid to comment things with no sence and no heart she was a mother of two beautiful children full of life a hard worker she was my neighbor and just found out today it is very sad ok please show respect to the family ok

  • DJ Golddust

    prayers for both family I,m friends,s with all may god bless everyone not only to help morn the loss but to bring home the passange from Hershey better than ever may god bless

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    Please keep your negative comments to yourself.Family and friends read this. Amanda was my cousin, may not have seen her for a long time but she is still family and don’t. Want to here people talk cramp or make insinuations abt. What happen leave her rest in peace.

  • marie

    Everyone has a comment but it was terrible this happen let the family grieve in peace. This is a terrible time for them and they don’t need all this nonsense. And bad comments god bless Mady and take care of her children. And help them get through this tough time.

  • Auntie

    Mandy – A wonderful loving mother to my Great niece and nephew. Lacey and Ron thank you for being so kind and supportive. My prayers are with you as well as my family as we all try to accept and heal from this tragedy. The love of a mother can not be replaced but we all will try our hardest to easy the pain and fill the void. Mandy knows her children love her and most of all the children know their Mommy loved them with all her heart and soul.
    Isaiah 41:10, 13 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

  • good friend

    R.I.P. Mandy….u will surely be missed…and you were a great mom and a great person…u watch over those precious babies and know that they will be taken care of and they will always remember you…Loved hang out when we did…Amber stay strong prayer are with you and the rest of the families you have a lot of support stand beside you and behind you…love ya girls..

    • good friend

      the phones that belong to these girls is missing….for everyone that showed up to the scene first if you saw the phones or know where they are at please please please contact a family member…its the last thing they have right know and they really want them back and they have checked with police and they do not have them….someone has them and please return them

  • Kelly Morgan Fritz

    I’m so glad I missed the nasty comment!! Mandy was not the only one driving on the icy roads. The Pottsville Republican had to give a weather report along with their story as if they shouldn’t have been on the roads. Maybe not – but there were a lot of people out. If anyone knows Mandy she does not listen to the news. She was carefree! She loved her kids & she loved Amber and never would have intentionally put them in danger. I cried all night thinking about those kids hearing the news about their mother. People have really lost their compassion. Praying for Mandy’s family & Amber’s family. I lost a VERY, VERY dear friend and have a family member in the hospital fighting for her life and give all my prayers to the person that has to give her the sad news about our dear beloved friend. OXOX Love you bunches Mandy!

  • mdog

    This is where schools and perhaps media fails.
    We had a number of days of bitter cold temps,six degrees this morn on my commute at 730 am i knew if we get sleet/drizzle/light rain on our roads we will undoubtedly have “black ice” which can be around the the next shaded turn..meaning a low to no sun receiving area. People need to learn the hazards no matter how infrequent they are. IT MAY COST YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE. WORSE IT COULD COST YOUR CHILDREN S LIVES.Life can be cruel if we learn the hard way, GOD BLESS THE VICTIMS.(Please do not pick on this driver she cannot take this life’s test over)

  • Dee

    This is so sad. My prayers that the family will find God’s comfort during this very difficult time. Be sympathetic to this family and pray for them.I can’t believe the comments above. God bless you all..

  • Concerned neighbor

    Prayers to all involved! I unfortunately know exactly what they are going thru. My sister lost her life 7 years ago in an accident after a winter storm, she was only going 35 mph. Please don’t judge as you weren’t behind the wheel. Instead say a prayer or two. God Bless!

  • Sonya

    RIP Mandy.. I promise to make sure your kids are safe & happy.. They Love you and we will always miss you.. no matter what i kno ur looking down on them.. <3

  • Amber Wolfe

    This girl was a hard working, dedicated mom. She had a good heart & was a great friend. Hard to believe people are so fast to jump to conclusions and make accusations. The world lost a marvelous soul today & two beautiful children lost their mom and a girl lost her best friend. I pray nobody has to endure this, so keep your negative thoughts to yourself. RIP Mandy, love you girl. <3

  • Denise

    My prayers are going out for this family and the friends of these 2 young people. Loosing a child and loosing a young mom is so painful. Some people need to experience death of a child to understand. Wow real smart Dave. You need to thing about what you said.

  • Joe

    A person lost their life and left behind two small children! What is wring with you, heartless individual! Have some compassion and know that you can crash on ice even if driving slow. If this girl was in healthcare she had to go to work! If I were you I would keep you nasty comments to yourself and thank God that you are still alive! Karma is all I can say to the negative people and mean spirited comments!

  • A concerned neighbor

    Stop fighting !!! Just take a second and think about the families involved. My GOD, have a heart, people are hurting and you are argueing. Shame on those who are bashing her !! God Bless all of you. May be families pain be eased by the sweet memories they shared.

      • Ron

        OK thats the woman I was speaking with. My daughter knows both of the girls, and she happened to drive by and see I was there. She recognized the car, and called me right after I left the scene. She told me the driver had 2 small children and my heart just sank, and I broke down, because I couldn’t see the back seat of the car. I was so glad to hear they were not involved. What a horrible tragedy.
        I hope that you, and others that were on scene are handling it better than I am right now.
        I am praying for the families, and the survivor.

  • Cathy Tyrpin

    to the person who said HE KNOWS THAT TYPE, I knew this young mother, and she was NOT THAT TYPE. Maybe you should not be so judgmental, that yo may not be judged!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    It looks like a Pontiac Sunfire to me…..HARDLY a sports car.

    Its hard for me to believe people can be so cruel. Show some compassion… could be in her family’s shoes one day! Just one word for you negative Nancy’s – KARMA

    The family and all involved have my prayers and deepest sympathy.

  • lisa

    What is wrong with you people?!?! Someone lost their life and all you can do is bash that persons character or say that you’re “sure” they were driving too fast?? I’m sorry but were you there???? That poor girl was on her way to work to take care of possibly you’re loved one and lost her life in doing so. So before you open your mouth maybe you should think first.

  • Ron

    I was a few cars behind thia vehicle, and one of the first at the scene. There were a few of us that spent time comforting the passenger who was trapped inside until emergency crews arrived. No one was speeding. Lack of driving skill was the main cause here.
    There are those who can argue that anyone who wrecks in poor conditions was driving too fast, and they have a valid argument, But a young girl, and mother of 2 young children died here, and another is clinging to life in surgery. Wheres the compassion?
    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.
    Pray for the survivor.

    • Ron

      How about hitting a patch of Ice on a road that was mainly just wet/slushy?
      The car in question is not a sports car by any means.
      and for the record, the car did not flip.
      Leave it alone already.

    • jake

      What do you mean lack of driving skill was the main cause here? Then you say below it could be a patch of ice? Even the best drivers can’t stop sliding on ice

      • Ron

        You missed half of the conversation between a few of us and another poster, or you would understand the simple point i was trying to make.. I reported the posts and he has since been banned, and posts deleted.

  • lori

    A life was lost !!!!!! You can flip a car or loose control when it is ice does not mean they were speeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lacey

      You should probably just shut your mouth. You weren’t there, I WAS. The driver was not even going the speed limit, let alone speeding. As is mentioned above, two children lost their MOTHER, not a reckless young kid. You have no idea what you are talking about. I witnessed the aftermath & stood by the car & helped to keep the second victim calm & awake until further help arrived. You didn’t witness any of this & I pray you never have to. Please keep your hateful comments to yourself.

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