Woman’s Death Ruled Homicide, Man Arrested

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton have made an arrest in a homicide.

Roughly 24 hours after Scranton Police started investigating the homicide, they charged Ryan McNamara, 37, of Scranton in the death of Kathleen Talerico, 45.

Investigators said McNamara caused the death of his on-again off-again girlfriend after punching her repeatedly in the face at a home in Dickson City on New Year's Eve.

"There was some significant injury to the brain of the victim, which ultimately resulted in her death, some period of time after the assault had taken place," said First Assistant Lackawanna County District Attorney Gene Talerico, who is not related to the victim.

A police cruiser sat outside the home on Orchard Street in Scranton where Kathleen Talerico was found partially clothed and badly beaten. An autopsy discovered she died at her home from bleeding on the brain.

Neighbors who knew the victim said they can't believe what happened.

"She was a friendly person, outgoing. Pretty shocking," said Damian Grayek, a neighbor.

According to police, a neighbor found Kathleen Talerico's body in an upstairs bedroom at her home in Scranton on Friday. Talerico suffered a beating at the hands of her boyfriend in Dickson City, and wound up getting a ride home to Scranton with a friend, according to court papers.

Prosecutors said McNamara came in for questioning and admitted punching Talerico at least three times.

The fight happened at a home on Elm Street in Dickson City, according to arrest papers. Those documents also indicate the two have a history of abuse, a protection from abuse order in 2013 that Talerico eventually withdrew before the holidays.

"It was a tumultuous relationship, one that did see some domestic violence in it," said Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico.

Police towed the van McNamara drove, taking it to look for more evidence in the case of an alleged beating that left Talerico dead and McNamara locked up without bail.

Investigators could not say whether Talerico would be alive today if she or someone else had sought medical treatment after the alleged fight.

Prosecutors said alcohol was likely involved that night.

McNamara is locked up in Lackawanna County, facing one count of homicide.

Newswatch 16 talked to neighbors who knew the victim.



    I know the McNamara family well and I’m certain they are deeply saddened by this. I’m so sorry for both families. God Bless.

  • Sam

    Wow, “Poor guy” was in a bad relationship. What wisdom……i have an idea: just leave her then. No, he chose to have a confrontation with her and beat her so bad she bled from her brain. Wow, yeah, poor guy.

  • rebecca shemanski

    I don’t know all the details, but Ryan WAS a great guy and I’m deeply saddened for both families…

  • cocopop67

    WoW… Just wow !!!
    Did you even read what you wrote? {Clearly I can tell you “are” related}
    ** “Listen she was abusive too” –> {SHE is now dead, HE doesn’t have a visible mark on him}
    ** “I know he was wrong for what he did”–> {WRONG, you have Google, WikipediA, or even a good ‘ole paperback dictionary… & YOU chose the word that best describes’ your murderous cousin as Wrong}
    ** “but he really is a good guy”–> {Satan – Lucifer the Fallen Angel was once a magnificent being with a unique ministry.}
    ** “He was in recovery until she came back around”–>{Recovery?? from what? Alcohol, Drugs, Beating Women?}
    ** “He is my cousin and now his life is ruined”–> {Oh poor poor family, you’ll now have to visit this monster in jail, all while Kathleen’s family will be visiting while knelt down in the dirt, looking at a rock, they’ll cherish as her gravestone}
    ** “I love him dearly and wish it never came to this”–> {What kind of love are we talking ’bout here? AND never came to what?– his being unable to control his own fists’ & emotions at thedear early age of “almost” Forty?”
    ** “I’m sorry for her family but”–> {BUT {Ahww… this good ‘ole blame it on the other person story, because Lord knows, your cousin, had nothing to do with it, he just must’ve be on his merry little way & Kathleen, was just keeping on comin’ around & around… until face, head & inerts of heer skull accidentally started pounding against his fists. {Hmmph… what an ending to an otherwise fairly tale of a story, portrayed in your sweet little head. May you have the sweetest dreams, as you lie in bed each night}

    • Casey McNamara

      He has legit anger and mental problems since he was a child and she was the one who begged him to sign the papers to drop the p.o.a order and the place where this all happened she showed up uninvited, trashed out of her mind and immediately went at him!

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