Snow And Wind In Delano

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DELANO -- One of the highest places in our area is Delano in Schuylkill County. At more than 1,600 feet, people there are used to snow and wind, so we went there to see how the folks were coping.

When we were in Delano it was 7 degrees. The wind whipping around made it feel like -12.

Bob Wengronski estimates he's clearing eight inches of snow.

“I don't mind, except when the wind blows it back, the cold temperatures don't bother me.”

Heather Cull doesn't have a snow thrower but she does have her own way to keep warm.

“If I put a hat on then I sweat and somebody has to remove the snow,” Cull said. “It's cold, really cold, especially when you stand still for too long.”

Delano sits on a mountain, elevation more than 1,600 feet. That traditionally means more snow and a target for lots of wind. But the air movement sometimes helps Frankie Kruczek removing the snow.

“It depends on which way it's blowing. Sometimes it clears it out like this, sometimes it don't, then it gets everything piled against the houses and you have to deal with it!”

The cold and wind are reminders to stock up on home heating fuel.

“When it gets cold, everybody wants it now, that's when they think about it, when it gets cold,” said Dave Delay of American Home Heating, Inc.

The cold and the wind not only affect people but also animals.

It's also very important to protect your furry friends from the frigid weather. For tips on how to do that, click here.