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Blustery Winter Day In The Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Mountain communities are dealing with the cold and all the snow that fell overnight.

Stroudsburg is under a snow emergency in effect until Sunday at 9 a.m. That means keep your car off snow emergency routes like Main Street so plows can keep the roads clean of snow.

Earlier today, everyone was digging out and some we spoke with were having a great time doing so.

You can hear and see the wind as it howls and swirls the snow on Long Pond Road near Pocono Raceway. In our news car, the temperature read 6 degrees at noon.

The wind also made it a bit difficult for some people as they did their best shoveling the drifting snow or using their snowthrower.

"It's not fun! But it's part of winter, what are you going to do?" asked Jeffrey Carr.

"It's a light snow.  It's not a heavy, wet snow.  It's good exercise,” said Vincent April.

But for postal service worker Andrew Harvey?

"My fingers are freezing," he said.

His best piece of advice to brave through the blustery cold day is, “keep moving, keep warm.”

But with how cold it is, business owner Vincent April, who shoveled 75 feet of his sidewalk, had a piece of advice for how to get through the day and the cold.

"As Joe Snedeker would say, ‘get out there live life.’"

It's windy, it's cold, it's snowy, it's winter. But if you mix that together with the advice from some people, to live life and stop and look around, this winter stuff can make a pretty nice picture.

So Newswatch 16 grabbed a couple shots of this Poconos winter wonderland, with its tall pine trees covered in snow, and tree branches looking like they were dipped in piles of the white stuff.

“This is great. This is living,” said April.

It is great living as long as you dress correctly and don't stay outside too long.

Due to the cold, the Red Cross says most body heat is lost through your head so wear a hat. Mittens give more warmth than gloves. And wear waterproof and insulated boots.