Staying Warm Against The Bitter Cold

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As the snow continued to fall, the temperatures continued to drop Thursday night with the next stretch of days bringing subzero climates for some areas.

Whether folks had to work in the frigid climate or just be out and about in it, everyone said they would just have to grin and bear it.

At an apartment near Carbondale, firefighters weren’t only battling a blaze; they were also dealing with Mother Nature.

With freezing temperatures in the air in Fell Township, fire crews said that only makes the job that much harder.

“As you can see, we were using a lot of water here, it did freeze quickly after it stopped burning,  our men get cold very fast, that’s a little dangerous, we want to have more manpower,” said Gratten Singer Hose Company Assistant Fire Chief Frank Evartis.

For Jesse Brown, an employee at Lowe’s in Dickson City, collecting the shopping carts is anything but enjoyable on a cold, snowy night.

He said the key is layers, lots of layers.

“Two layers of pants on, I got my under armor, big thick wool socks, gloves, four pairs of shirts and two hoods,” said Brown.

Inside Lowe’s, the home improvement store has plenty of supplies to help keep your house nice and toasty, such as insulation kits and ways to protect your pipes.

"If you’re prone to pipes that may burst or something such as that, open your cabinet underneath your sink for one to let the heat go in, especially if it’s on an outside wall,” suggested Lowe’s employee Becky Brominski. “We have foam insulators to wrap around your pipes as well.”

If additional heat is needed, space heaters could do the trick but use them with caution.

“Alot of them cannot be plugged into an extension cord, you need to plug them into a regular line, those kind of things, that’s a big way that people start fires in their homes,” said Brominski.

For many out in the frigid weather, the bottom line is to bundle up and wait for summer.

“Just keeping the car warm, trying to stay warm, staying out of the snow, trying to stay inside, got good snow tires on the car, so, driving slow, that’s all you can do really,” said Adam Stangling of Spring Brook Township.

Employees at Lowe’s said the only type of rock salt that will work in subzero temperatures is called calcium chloride, that’s the type you should look for.