New Year’s Resolution Rush At The Gym

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SCRANTON — The start of the new year means the start of the busy season for gyms and other workout facilities.  It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and of course one of the most popular is to lose weight and get into shape.

Welcome to January at the gym.  Uno Fitness in Scranton and gyms throughout the country enjoy a big boost at the start of every year as people make those New Year’s resolutions. And this place is ready.

“It’s like a restaurant. Come in, taste our food more or less. Try our classes, we have group fitness, we have cross training classes now,” explained Uno Fitness owner Ray Parchinski.

Uno Fitness tries its best to make it easy for new customers this time of year.  It just finished an expansion in time for the New Year’s resolution rush but those resolutions have changed some.

“What I hear more of now, is that people want to get healthy, not just about looking good or toning up.  People want to get healthy and I’m thrilled to hear it,” Parchinski said.

On this New Year’s Day, most of the people at the gym are regulars.  But the owner says in the days to come, the New Year’s crowds will, too.

Those who are there regularly also have resolutions.

“Just like everyone else, eat better, get healthier, but like I said before, I have an everyday resolution just to lift more weight,” said Josh Wombacker of Scranton.

But not everyone lifting weight or working out has resolutions based on exercise.

“Like every year it’s to be a better person and treat others better,” said John Murphy of Scranton. “(It’s not easy in) today’s world, but I try.”

While a resolution to go to the gym can certainly lead to results, Murphy says his resolution can, too.

“When I do treat people better, they respond in kind.”

A lot of gyms in our area have specials right now to make it easier for you to give working out a try if that is your New Year’s resolution.