Man In Wyoming County Killed While Cutting Tree

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- The first day of the New Year turned tragic for a family in Wyoming County.

The Wyoming County Coroner said a man died Wednesday afternoon after being hit by a tree branch.

The coroner is not releasing the victim's name until extended family has been notified and is calling this a terrible tragedy.

Officials said the man was killed around 2 p.m. at his home on Burd Lane in the Noxen area.

The coroner said the man had started cutting the tree Tuesday and returned to his yard Wednesday afternoon to finish the job.

The coroner believes a branch snapped, striking and killing the man.

Neighbor Eugene Schooley said he heard the victim working in his yard, then a few hours later he heard an ambulance drive by his house.

“Earlier this afternoon I did hear him down there cutting trees down, and he`s always down there cutting trees down, and I don`t know what could have happened,” said Schooley. “You never know when you`re cutting trees down, one thing could go this way or that way and that would be it.”

The Wyoming County Coroner said this death is not under investigation.


  • Greg

    About 10 years ago a neighbor of mine did the same thing.
    He was cutting up a fallen tree with a chain saw when he hit a knot
    in the log. The saw kicked up and caught him across the neck.
    It opened his jugular vein and he bled out.
    He took two steps toward his house collapsed on the lawn and
    that was it for him. The worst part is his 12 year old son saw
    the whole thing happen. I’ve never used a chain saw since.

  • Chris

    I agree with both statements above and couldn’t have said it better. Insensitive and tasteless. Don Henley refered to the mentality in a song “Dirty Laundry” … which sums up most news reporting/reporters mentality.

  • Wnep

    Shame on you. You show the mans home, his street and address..then say you are waiting for family to be notified. I am not usually surprised at the lack of professionalism, tact, and maturity that comes from this station. However, you are mostly all talentless hacks. Keep up your funny morning dog stories, stupid weather forecasts, and tv personalities doing “good things” to disguise the fact they are self serving and padding their pathetic little egos.

  • JoAnn

    The fact that this statement was in the story: The coroner is not releasing the victim’s name until extended family has been notified and is calling this a terrible tragedy. And yet your station chose to show the victim’s house AND the street sign where they live is in SUCH bad taste. I would think someone in your editing department would have had more sense and compassion in this case. Maybe you could start your New Year’s off again and all take a course in tact and professionalism!

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