ESPN: O’Brien to Coach Houston Texans

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After just two seasons as Penn State’s head football coach, Bill O’Brien is leaving to take a job in the NFL.

According to ESPN, O’Brien will be the new head coach of the Houston Texans.

Penn State hired O’Brien in the wake of dismissal of long-time coach Joe Paterno, following the arrest of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges.

Officials have not said who the Nittany Lions will target to be the university’s next head coach.


  • Chris Keen

    Wasn’t Bill O’Brien the guy that was not leaving Penn State? He is not a man of his word. No integrity at all. He’s sorry he led people on, but he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Just think what my comments would be like if I were a Penn State fan. To bad he’s not reading these. Go Bucs!!!

  • Romie

    Now everyone can change their t-shirts to Mis-Billieve. So much for being truthful. Hire Larry Johnson as the head coach. You don’t have to look any further. He would be awesome.

  • Brian

    Love it!! He finally smartened up and left that train-wreck of a school known as Penn State!! Woo hoo!! Go, Texans!

  • Bev

    His heart must not have been where he led people to believe it was. Yet another person to sell the kids and the university up the river. Joepa never ran out on them. Bring back the statue, and pay tribute to the man who REALLY bled blue and white.

    • jellystoneranger

      Did you just say that Joepa never ran out on the kids ? He let dozens of kids down you hypocrite while covering for a pedophile ! How can anybody make such a stupid statement. You ignorant $%$$ !

    • Bill Rauhuff

      I am sad to hear this because he was doing a great job at Penn State and it is still a great destination job. James Franklin would be a good hire. This is coming from a Tennessee Volunteer who has lived in Pennsylvania the last 5 years

      • Mr. Papageorgio

        It’s kind of funny how he begged the players to stay to make him look good after the Paterno debacle. But now that the players are locked in, he bails! What a coward. Good riddance, he was no good for PSU anyway. It’s a shame how PSU will be just like all the rest of the teams in the NCAA, coaches come and then go when more money comes along. Tradition is OVER at PSU. PSU needs to install a revolving door.

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