Pottsville Eyesores Being Demolished

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POTTSVILLE -- The first in a series of dilapidated homes in Pottsville came down Monday.

Emotions may run high when one of those buildings comes down.

There is not much left of a dilapidated home on West Laurel Boulevard in Pottsville.  It's the first of seven homes that will be demolished under the city's blight program.

“I think it's too long being up. They should have been taken down a long time ago,” said Gloria Sidella.

Sidella lives only a few doors away from what she calls a nuisance property.

“You had so many people hanging out there. You had the drugs and dope and all that stuff and I think it's just encouraging them to hang around.”

Another neighbor, Justyn Fair, says his concerns go far beyond looks.

“It's terrible looking in our city. I am glad they're taking it down because it makes everything look terrible. It brings down the property value of our homes here.”

The city is spending about $250,000 in state money to tear down the seven properties. Some say it's money well spent.

“It's a good idea, I guess. We need the space for better things, I guess,” said Paul Kopinetz.

Tearing down a dilapidated building is not emotional for most folks, but some day there will be a lot of emotion involved when a building on Pierce Street comes down. That's the home where Eric Brown and his four children died in a fire last May.