Suitcase Allegedly Stolen From Autistic Child

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MOOSIC -- A mother in Lackawanna County wants whoever stole her son's Christmas present to give it back.

Shelley Toroli said her son Noah, 15, is autistic. This year Noah wanted a suitcase with swivel wheels, like the one his father uses when he leaves on deployment with the military.

Toroli said Noah got the suitcase Saturday afternoon and was playing with it out in the yard. He went inside for an hour, and when he returned, it was gone.

"And he ran to the end of the driveway where he left it, and he just kind of turned around and went, 'Where is it? Where is it? Mom it's stolen.'"

Toroli said several people who have heard Noah's story have offered to get him a new suitcase.


  • Lora Bausinger

    Seeing new tags on it they should of known it wasn’t discarded. Glad it’s being replaced. If the one who took it reads this and it was an honest mistake it would be nice if they returned it.

  • Matthew Mill

    I myself after a yard sale or cleaning out the basement place unwanted items near the curb. People will just come over and take the items they want. I have never put out a sign saying “free” since this is a common practice. I agree with most of the bloggers that believe that it was probably a mistake. I am sure not every driver that passes by the house know the special circumstance within the home. If the item was toys I think they would have been left alone since anyone that has had children know that toys can be scattered or left anywhere in the yard or curb, but other item are the exception. I am really sorry that the young man lost his suitcase, but it is a lesson that will be stuck with him, so this occurrence doesn’t happen again. I think its also wonderful that we have a caring society that want to correct the wrong/ mistake that has occured. I myself have two children with special needs and find that experiences such as these, life experiences in many situations help the individual develop a sense of cautiousness to their own belongings.

  • Shelley Taroli

    The suitcase was at the end of my driveway barely on the sidewalk, and definately NOT near the curb! The suitcase still had the tags on it, because he was soo excited to play with it before it got dark. And it was only out yhere for maybe an hour before someone snatched it! I guarantee whoever took it, returned it to walmart and got store credit!

  • CM

    I understand the curb thing as well. from living in Moosic myself to orlando florida and las vegas. anything curbside or near the curb was taken thinking it was garbage. i believe it would have been an honest mistake

  • Deb Reimer

    In my town unwanted items are left at the curb to be taken by someone who could use them Maybe this was an honest mistake and the person who took the suitcase thought it was unwanted.

  • Shelley Taroli

    And it takes a special person like you Gaye Galluccio to find him the exact one and order it for him! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! And Noah does too! He even gave the camera man a hug before he left! <3

  • Gaye Sherman

    Thankfully there are many more kind souls out there than thieves! So many people have offered to help my nephew Noah get a replacement <3 he has such a big heart & is so innocent, it is terrible that anyone would do such a thing!

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