New Year’s Makes For Big Business

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DICKSON CITY -- Only four days left until 2014 and many people in our area have their New Year's plans in place. It's a big opportunity for businesses to begin the new year off on a good foot. Businesses are already preparing for the big night.

It may seem excessive but workers at Genetti Manor in Dickson City have already started setting the tables for their annual New Year's Eve party. As a reservation comes in, a table setting goes down in the grand ballroom, over 200 so far but the employees hope to set many more tables this weekend.

"New Year’s Eve is a big night, volume-wise. It helps to make our year. Either way we finish with a bang or we finish with a bust. Hopefully Genetti's will finish with a bang,” said Margaret Olsewski at Genetti Manor.

Inevitably it will end with a ball drop. Olsewski says they usually host close to 400 people at the annual bash on December 31. She says more and more people are opting to stay home on New Year's so they try to attract customers with a good deal, and a good meal.

The chef at Genetti's had already started preparing some of the dinners.

"We'll take calls probably until about Monday, and we'll take the stragglers that may come in last minute. A lot of them wait for the weather, so those weathermen down at Channel 16 have to say that we'll have good weather and then the phones will keep ringing,” Olsewski laughed.

Our Newswatch 16 meteorologists say it will be cold on New Year's Eve with temperatures in the teens, so other businesses are hoping New Year's partyers decide to stay the night somewhere closer.

The Holiday Inn Express in Dickson City will run shuttles for its guests to and from the holiday parties.

"They can go to the parties in the local area, like at Genetti's and those places and we can shuttle them back here, they're here safe. They're in a confined space so they can't get in trouble. We can keep an eye on them a little bit. So, it's important for that aspect but also so people know they can go out and have fun, then come back here and hang out,” said Julie Juckes at Holiday Inn Express.

Employees at the Holiday Inn express say they'll be busy New Year's night but they aren't completely booked yet.