Holiday Break Trimmed Due To Teacher Strike

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EXETER – While many students are enjoying a two-week break from school throughout Luzerne County, students at Wyoming Area said their holiday break was slashed after a teacher strike at the beginning of the school year.

Students and parents said the holiday break was limited to a half-day on Christmas Eve and the day off on Christmas.

School administrators said the students are expected to report for a half-day of class on New Year’s Eve, and they will have New Year’s Day off.

Mackenzie Davidson says there was not much holiday cheer in her seventh-grade classes, and many students have been skipping school or only reporting for half of the day.

“It was horrible because we got no time off. The only day we actually got off was Christmas Day,” said Davidson. "I didn`t go to school on Christmas Eve because it was ridiculous. So, yesterday there was absolutely no one there.”

Sophomore Dominique Denisco told Newswatch 16 that some teachers are playing movies or educational videos instead of holding traditional classes, and that attendance rules are stricter for student-athletes.

"There were probably a total of 30 kids in the school. They were all just the basketball players and cheerleaders who had to be in school. It was just kind of terrible,” said Denisco.

The high school principal told Newswatch 16 that the scheduling changes had to be made, because 23 school days were lost when unionized teachers went on strike in September.

Several parents said they were frustrated with the handling of the schedule, and said they wish teachers could strike around the holidays, instead of at the beginning and end of the school year.

"That would have been nice, because it was their choice to strike,” said Laura Sarnak. “I feel that our kids have to pay the price for it.”

School administrators said an arbitrator is expected to meet with both sides next month, and if an agreement on salaries is not reached, teachers could choose to strike again in the spring.


  • Maria

    If the WA teachers strike again, the admin should bring in the subs to teach so no time is missed. Teachers will not get paid for missed time and all is happy with students and parents. They did it at the local hospital. Nurses striked a day and they brought in temps for 3 days and gave them 3 days off with no pay. Easy!

  • mdog

    Dems have the perfect greed system they just blame the repubs.
    I went 10 yrs with no pay raise and did 13+ yrs perfect attendance with out taking a full week off for any vacation. I have no pension and its just wrong that i should have to pay for theirs or anyone else.
    Equality ? Pensions should be Nation wide for one and all or nobody at all.

  • jellystoneranger

    Wake up and fight the union extortionists ! They use your children like pawns when it benefits their end game ! Right out of the Union playbook .It will not stop until you Democrat voting sheeples continue to put Democrats into all of the positions of power . From the School boards to the White House. The Unions do not have to defeat the voters at the polls. They just have to own the politicians they give money to for their campaigns . You the voters control nothing while Democrats are in power feeding their monetary support system. Wake up idiots!

  • joanne

    As a Wyoming area parent I believe our children shouldn’t be suffering from family traditions because the teachers and school board couldn’t come to an agreement. But to punish the parents and students with fines is ridiculous if the teachers who called this strike took the holiday break off they should be fined it was their doing not our children’s !! But our children are the ones being punished for the teacher’s calls.. It’s ok for the teachers to keep the traditions but not our families that’s a bunch of bull!!

  • Nate

    As a Wyoming Area student, all of this is sickening. All we ever hear is how students are taking off for the holiday. What I do not understand is how is it okay for teachers to call off for holidays but when students take off, they can possibly get fined for it? They are the ones who had to get what they wanted and they are punishing the students in the long run.

  • Donna

    Let’s place the blame squarely where it belongs, with the school board who is despreately trying to hide a 2 million surplus.

    • John

      Yes life isn’t fair! But as a Wyoming area srudent it is rediculous that teacher were not attending school yet the students had to because if not they were threatened with fines! So where is your reasoning behind that? The only ones paying in this situation is the kids!

    • Brian

      Setting a bad example??? Are teachers also not setting a bad example? They should also be in school during the holidays. By the majority of them taking the holidays off while the students cannot is totally setting a bad example. Picketing in front of a school board member’s business is setting a bad example. While I may agree the children should be in school, I absolutely believe the teachers should have been as well. They were off the entire first month of school, just s the children were. The children have to make up the days (which I understand), the teachers should be required to do the samel. What was that saying during the strike — “it’s for the kids?” Explain to me how most teachers taking the holidays off while the children are supposed to be in school is “for the kids.”

    • Brian

      Also, you say life’s not easy…well apparently it is for the majority of the teachers that could just take off during the holiday break.

  • Melissa Williams

    Listen these teachers should be ashamed of themselves. These teachers should not have been able to take holiday vacation. I do not think it is fair to the students and the fact that they had to go to school. Why is it is fair they get to take vacation and kids still had to go to school.

    • Jonathan M.

      Don’t blame the teachers, blame the unions. The union heads were enjoying a nice long Christmas break while the teachers and kids get punished for the unions’ greed. I’m sure the teachers would have liked to had a Christmas vacation instead of having to cancel their plans.

      • joanne

        Please understand that most of the teachers took their holiday break while our kids suffered!! We had to stop our family traditions so our children could attend school. The very few teachers that where there were there to set good examples but the 90% that took their holiday are still enjoying it. They are the ones who should be fined not our children. They had a choice and they choose to strike our children didn’t!!

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