Shopping for Deals After Christmas

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Christmas may be over, but the Christmas deals keep coming. People in Luzerne County kept the Wyoming Valley Mall pretty busy on the day after Christmas, some already snagging gifts and Christmas goodies for next year.

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the mall, shoppers were working to increase their haul. With the holiday over, most things were a steal. Shoppers say these sales have broad appeal.

"We always wait til after Christmas to spend our money to make it go further."

Some bought bows and paper for Christmas next year. Since the price was right, they're now set with wrapping gear.

"Wrapping paper was 40% off, so that was a good deal too. And then also buy one, get one for a dollar. So, two deals," said Lindsay Jenkins, of Shavertown.

This Hickory Farms stand has been busy all day. A buy one get one free deal is getting people to pay.

"We still have good items that are left. You can stock up for next year. That's what a lot of our customers actually do," said Hickory Farms employee Jeff Bloch.

Even though Santa is no longer in his chair, that holiday spirit is still in the air.

Marge Marshall, of Jackson Township, says the deals are better than Black Friday. So, she waited until now to get carried away. Marge got gifts for her husband all at once, finding bargains for the man she says loves her a whole bunch.

"When we saw how they drastically drop the next day after Christmas, no more. At our age, my husband says every day's Christmas for us," said Marshall.

Officials from the mall in Luzerne County say this is generally one of the mall's busier days.

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  • Bobb Kurinka

    “Well, Julie, some of the shoppers we spoke with at the Wyoming Valley Mall today said that deals today, on this day after Christmas are better than the Black Friday deals…” Really, Lara?? Wow. What a surprise. I am totally shocked. How can a thing like that happen? Oh, wait – the same thing happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

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