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Robbers Accused of Forcing Victims To Strip in Berwick

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BERWICK – Police in Columbia County said a homeowner fired a shotgun at two robbers, who forced three people to strip down to their underwear on Christmas Eve.

Berwick Police told Newswatch 16 that officers are still investigating to determine if the person who fired a shot and hit the alleged getaway car was justified in their actions, or if that person could face criminal charges.

Authorities said James Hopper was arrested on robbery charges, after he returned to the scene and complained to investigators that he was shot at.

Officers said Hopper’s alleged accomplice, Jason Adamo, is still on the run.

The two men are accused of stealing cash and cell phones from three people.

According to investigators, no one was hit by gunfire, and the robbery likely started with an argument over synthetic marijuana.

People who work and live in Berwick told Newswatch 16 that the details of the crime are bizarre and unnerving, but they support the homeowner’s decision to open fire.

“I would do the same thing,” said Amy Hutchings. “Having the granddaughter around and stuff, you have to do what you have to do now and days,” said Amy Hutchings.

"Twenty years ago, you didn`t have all this stuff, so you`re starting to feel like small towns are no longer becoming a small towns anymore,” said Jarod Steinruck. “When somebody breaks into your home, you should be able to defend it and protect your family.”

Anyone with information about Jason Adamo is asked to call authorities in Columbia County at (570) 784-6300.


  • t1000

    The only person who said anything about synthetic marijuana was the crook. You know the guy who charged into someones home attacked three young men at gunpoint threatened to kill everyone. And would have had the the chance. And isnt this more like kidnapping with them being held hostage terrorristic threats. I feel had it not been for the actions of the homeowner and victims we would have been watching an investigation of a family and friends slaughtered on christmas.

  • Sundown

    The same garbage goes on in small towns as in the city, I know because I’ve lived in both…small towns are just better at keeping their dirty laundry secret.. There are more people in the city so stuff just gets multiplied, and in small towns it gets magnified.

      • L.S.

        Oh please. While I fully support the legalization of marijuana, it’s the meth and heroine addicts who are stealing from people.

      • Sundown

        LS and Mike true that, is liquor is legal pot might as well be, and yes meth and heroin are demons to be sure..while pot does have side effects, so does booze! And the psych meds they hand out to 5 yr olds like m&m’s are the worst..

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