Man Sent To Jail For Duct-Taped Dog

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GREENE TOWNSHIP — A man was sentenced to jail time in Pike County for wrapping a dog in duct tape.

Russell Seese, 27, of Greentown was sentenced Friday to up to 12 months in the Pike County Correctional Facility and ordered to pay a fine of $500.

Police said Seese bound the dog with duct tape earlier this year.

Seese was greeted by protesters when he appeared in court in May.

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  • hshdjkebshdjns

    You are one cold hearted person! How would you feel if you were tied up with duct tape and left to freeze in the cold? Not very good I can bet. That dog is just as much alive as you are. No living thing deserves to be treated that way. You are obviously a purely uneducated, immature, monster to think any thing that lives and breathes deserves that. If you think that dog deserved what she got well than you deserve whatever karma you have coming your way!

  • marbs


    A judge in Pike County last week ordered 27-year-old Russell Seese of Greentown to pay a $500 fine and sentenced him to an unusual term of two days to 12 months in prison.


    JUDGE Kameen

    • Alicia

      One Son Was Afraid OfThe Dog, Is That What You’re Getting At? Funny, YouDidn’t POst The Link To The Pictures Of Her Loving Up On The Older Son That Is Not Afraid Of Her. In Other Posts Tara Also Said That Dog Never Did Anything To Her Son, But That Her Son Was Uneasy Around Her. That Would Make Any Dog A Little Nervous Too. You Must Be Sick Too To Defend A Creep Like Seese.

  • Mary Ann Hoffman

    We need new laws for harsher sentencing for child and animal abuse. I think we can ALL agree on that. This gug is getting off way too easy. They ALWAYS do!!!

  • Kimberly

    Jaynah (lexi) is under the care of our trainer behaviorist Nick Ferraro and is doing beautifully. Russell needs to be slowly tortured!!!! All the rest of his disgusting days of his disgusting life!

    • Dori

      Where can we find more information about Lexi?
      Info like: Will she be going to a shelter, and where? Does she need fostered? Who may be contacted about adopting?

  • Mary

    He should have received a much harsher sentence. I feel so sorry for the poor dog that had to endure this cruel treatment. I would also be very afraid to have this sick, cowardly person around children because people who abuse animals frequently abuse children as well. He needs to be watched, very carefully!

  • Hildy

    I think we should be thankful he got months. Maybe it will give him time to think. Also, he could have gotten much less. Like time served. It is said that people can get away with such abuse.

  • dean

    This is not right this a*****e deserves much more he should get at least a year in jail a hefty fine and treated like he did to that poor dog bet his parents had some pull to only get that little this is a disgrace

  • joseph szarek

    This piece of useless flesh should be duct taped the same way that poor dog was, all the time he is in jail. The Judge also should have made sure that it was at least a 12 month sentence with no time off for good behavior. The prosecutor should also have brought a charge against him for a HATE crime. No one that loves an animal would do this. IT WAS DONE TO MAKE A DEFENSELESS ANIMAL SUFFER!

    • Kathy

      Defenseless? did you know the idiot rescue people placed this dog in a home with a small child and in August of this year that foster home was pleading on facebook for help because the child was afraid of the dog, and the animal shelter KNEW the dog had ISSUES! it was a stupid thing to do but this dog is dangerous.

      • Alicia

        Don’t Believe Everything You Read On Facebook. This Dog HaS Never Hurt W Child And Has Trust Issues With Men Now Bc She Was ABused By One. Seese Is Sick In The Head And Has Killed A Neighbors Dog Without Punishment. And Are You Seriuosly Blaming The Dog? He Got Close Enough To Duct Tape Her Muzzle! If She Was Dangerous Dont You Think He Could Have Tied Her Up Instead Until Someone Could Come Get Her. Mind You When This Happened It Was Freezing Outside And She Was LOCKED in A Shed. He Obviously Didnt Plan On Someone Ever Finding Her :(

    • Tracy

      That man’s face and name is plastered all over the media. After he does his way too short, too light sentence. He WILL get whats coming to him, one way or another….

  • PattiLynn

    R u freaking kidding me? That’s it? That’s why this world is going to chit in a hand basket. That is unbelievable !

  • Joshua

    This guy will probably be in jail for a week at the most and then only a $500 fine that’s pathetic. Sad to see such things like this happen to any animal, me having a dog throughout my entire childhood and now a dog owner as an adult. These kind of people should have to suffer stiffer fines, real jail time and lose the right to ever own an animal again.

  • Miranda

    This is behind discusting!! I am all for an eye for an eye! I hope his cell mate is an animal lover! People like this need more punishment! What is wrong with society? These are helpless animals that just want to love and be loved. It makes me sick! I hope he gets what he deserves! We need more laws against animal cruielity! We are the only voice that they have!!!

  • Michele

    I hope as he is serving time someone duct tapes his mouth, arms and legs and has at his bowels with a broom handle. Sorry if anyone feels offened but hey Im entited to free speech.

  • Tedd Max

    This was a bait dog used to help train the fighting dogs how to kill. Most disgusting type of people in this industry, and they deserve nothing more than death themselves.

    • ariel

      Lexi (the dog) was not a bait dog. It was his girlsfriends dog, who was not aggressive. Neither were the three dogs of mine that he shot over the years, which were on record. He spent 48 hours in jail, less time than the poor dog he duct taped in sub zero temps. It’s a pattern of abuse that has been going on for years. It’s sickening.

  • Kane Roberts

    The more I meet people, the more I like my dog. I would suggest that Mr. Seese be tortured, and die a slow miserable death. Lets hope

  • George V

    Forget jail… duct tape his mouth, arms and legs… and toss his scumbag self in the same chicken coop… for as many days as that poor dog suffered. If he is half as tough as that dog, he will live… if not… oh well!

  • Anonymous

    UP to 12 months and $500 fine….?! That’s it?! Come on. He deserves more than that. Abuse is abuse. this world is growing more & more disgusting everyday.

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