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A Grinch In Freeland?

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FREELAND - A man in Freeland is being called a Grinch this Christmas season.  Police say the suspect has admitted he stole Christmas gifts meant for two children.

Some people are calling contractor Robert Poltrock of Freeland a Grinch. Officer T.J. Rentschler said they will charge him.

"For theft there will be a criminal complaint filed with Judge Fissner back here at the Magistrate's office," said Officer Rentschler.

Police said Poltrock signed for two laptop computers, while working a job two doors down from the intended owners of the computers, the Bzdil family. They weren't home when the delivery driver knocked on their door. Tom Bzdil said the computers are Christmas presents for his daughters, Kelsey, 6, and Kali, 8.

"I think it's sickening to steal from kids, it's bad to steal at any time, but especially Christmas time, absolutely to steal from little kids at Christmas you're absolutely you're a Grinch."

Jessica Bzdil explained the theft almost ruined Christmas.

"There is always one special gift that you give your kids and that was it. It meant a lot to us, we looked a long time for those. It was heartbreaking, I was very upset and my husband was very angry!" said Bzdil.

Investigators in Freeland said they tracked down Poltrock and the stolen laptops at a local bar. Poltrock was told by police he'll be charged, and the laptops were returned to the Bzdil's.

Officer Rentschler explained such thefts are more common during the holidays.

"We are seeing a rise in theft calls this time of year, everybody with the stress of Christmas, everybody is a little financially strapped. I mean there are other ways than theft," said officer Rentschler.

Newswatch 16 went to the suspect's house to see if he had anything to say, no one answered the door. Freeland Police said he told them that he fell on hard financial times and that he suffered from a lack of judgement.


  • pete

    Yeah your right, this should def be reported but I don’t believe that people should bring someone else’s name into it that’s not even around to defend themselves. What does his girlfriend that’s in jail ALREADY PAYING FOR HER CRIMES have to do with this? Dump on the person who did it not on someone you don’t like. I don’t put my 2 cents into anything but I had to say that it was wrong to put that girls name out there when she’s not even around. Maybe she will be different when she gets released from jail, and if we judge people for the things they HAVE done, then I’m sure your not innocent yourself. And someone should put your name out there and put what you did in the past up for everyone to judge you. We have all done wrong and people DO change.

  • john

    Feissner and the police in free land are more crooked than this guy…feissnet pays kids to light fires then takes they’re freedom….not saying this guy shouldn’t face charges but a small town like free land should have a program that helps heroin addicts and crack heads that’s the biggest problem in freeland

  • karen

    It’s news because people should be aware that this could happen to anyone…more scary fact is he is a contractor..someone you think you can trust..unfortunately this is now the society we live in!!!

    • Sam

      Actually, in my experiences, contractors are generally some of the more shady characters, cutting corners and such. A contractor isn’t someone that “I think I can trust” , not even close.

  • jeb

    It’s news because it’s a crime stupid. People like you are pathetic. It’s no different then reporting on a fire where there are families with kids who loose everything. Also I would like to know if there is a thief in my neighborhood. Especially if he is a contractor that would be working in my home!!!

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