Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Student

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- A Wyoming Valley West teacher was arrested and charged Thursday with having sex with a student.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper of Plymouth is a high school English teacher in the Wyoming Valley West Scho0l District.

Investigators said Thursday morning, the parents of a high school senior told the principal they found explicit sexual text messages between their son and a teacher, later identified as Cooper.

A county detective said Cooper admitted to having oral sex and sexual intercourse with the student in her car several times.

She was charged with institutional sex assault, a felony and released on bail.

Harrington-Cooper is due back in court on December 26.

There is no word on her job status after her arrest.


  • harvey tressler

    what’s the big deal? the male is “of age”. means he has “right of consent”. also is “bait” for military service where he gets license to kill.
    teacher should have known better and now does. why crucify her for
    a simple biological urge satisfaction?

    • Nicole

      I’m curious…would you feel the same way if it were the other way around and this were a male teacher with a female student?

  • Mr My Way

    A senior? That suggests a person around 17 or perhaps 18 years of age. If the sex was consensual then there should be no crime here. Why? Because the state of PA will try a 17 year old as an adult in some criminal cases and of course 18 is an adult. So if a teenager is old enough to face adult time for some crimes then they are old enough to decide whom they want to have sex with.

  • b

    Job status? Depends who she knows or who her family is connected to. Could be paid leave if she has the right connections. Yup, NEPA, it’s all in the connections.

  • Robert Martz

    It is a double standard!!!! If this were a man doing the offense the man would be in handcuffs and every woman out there would be calling for castration. Women want their equal rights so we should give it to them!!!

    • Nicole

      Exactly!!! I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m tired of seeing this double standard also…and it’s sickening that people seem to be okay if the student is a male but then they’re ready to kill someone if it’s a female student.

    • Nicole

      Hopefully! It’s what she deserves… I think we need to change our laws…if you’re a teacher in a high school or grade school and you do something like this, you should be held accountable no matter what! No excuses! These teachers abuse their power!

  • barb

    For the Kmart commercial; it’s no different than the Victoria Secrets commercials w/the women in there underwear. In fact the men are a lot more covered up.

  • johnobrien1960

    As far as I’m concerned the male student was a senior in high school so he should be at least 17-18 yrs old! The teachers only real mistake is that she did on school property and left text on his phone. He’s a man at 17-18 yrs old when it comes to sex, he wanted the sex more then she did! Our govt sends young men his age to fight+kill over seas in all branches of our military.Its just the prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves with this nonsense. I do agree that if it was a younger student like 14-16 yrs old then it would be wrong but at 18 or close to 18 it’s not worth ruining both of there lives,also the male student should speak up and confirm that he was ready+more then willing. Also I bet you 10-1 that his parents start a lawsuit for a large amount of money, this is total B.S. And the law+prosecutors should go after the real pedophiles out here because there everywhere!

    • Doug

      Why are people defending her? She is in the wrong. If it was a male teacher who had sex with a teenage girl would people still defend him?

      I see a double standard here. Either it is alright or it isn’t.

      • Sundown

        I agree, double-standards work both ways, she’s a sleaze, and no, a 17/18 yr old isn’t a “man” that can handle a sexual relationship with his teacher, or A teacher…it’s inappropriate and unhealthy for him!

      • Citizen of PA

        From the Times-Leader: “According to the victim, his sister told him Harrington-Cooper texted her that her brother was ‘hot.’ He said he got Harrington-Cooper’s cellphone number from his sister and later that day started texting her and they agreed to hang out, the complaint says.”

        He was the one that initiated contact. What she did was wrong and stupid, but hardly demonic. He was a 17 or 18 year old that wanted to sleep with his hot lunch school monitor (she’s 31), and she obliged (no word on whether she seduced). How many guys didn’t fantasize about banging their hot teacher at 17 or 18. Van Halen even did a hit song about it.

        As for there being a double standard, welcome to western civilization. Feminists having been pointing out that double standard for the last 40 years.

    • Patrick

      Its also about being in a trusted position of authority Johnny O.
      She IS a pedophile at the least, in addition to a sickness that she go after young boys. Let’s see Johnny, if your 17 year old daughter had both oral and vaginal sex with a male teacher 20 years older than her, you’d be ok with that? Maybe you should be on the local pedo watch list for local authorities, as it seems you may be a rape or pedophilia sympathizer or perp.

    • Jiggles

      Please tell me you are not this dumb. Please save my sanity.
      -Her hands weren’t even handcuffed
      -She was being picked up to go home
      -That’s not even a cop or a police car driving her away

      This has to be a joke

      • Nicole

        Her hands were cuffed…if you google search it, you’ll see the photos of her arrest. She should have not been able to hide her face. It doesn’t matter tho…she won’t be hiding her face when she is sitting in prison!

  • joe schmoe

    Was that the teen or her husband picking her up in the car? HAHA Seriously folks, that TEEN was having the time of his life. She crossed the student/teacher line, and yet another teen gets away with “affluenza” or playing the underage card. Ridiculous. This kid isn’t innocent. Doesn’t make it right. But it certainly takes 2.

    • Jake Thomson

      What if the roles were reversed and it was a male teacher and female student. Oh then you’d probably say he should go to prison and that she’s an innocent girl he took advantage of. Sick.

    • Sundown

      He is innocent by comparison to her..she is there to do her job and look after the kids, not GO AFTER the kids!
      “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

  • Roe

    What in God’s name was that teacher thinking…. oh yeah that’s right she wasn’t!!!! You would think with all the media hype over the years about teachers and students that she would eventually get caught, this is wrong, wrong, wrong,… and for icing on top of the cake, it looked like she had a wedding band on… people just have no morals any more

  • matt

    Was the student 18 or older? If so then it shouldn’t be a big deal. i mean yea, maybe she should of waited till he was done with his senior year, but I’m pretty sure the student was as involved with it as much ad the teacher was…

    • withheld.

      from what everyone is saying on my fb who knows him he was indeed 18…. they said age isnt the issue the teacher crossing the student/teacher line is.

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