Hot Holiday Attire

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Speaking of those ugly Christmas sweaters. Where do you score them?! If your family and friends are out of stock a great place to bag one is one of our area`s thrift shops ranging from goodwills to the Salvation Armys. You won`t only be decking out yourself for the party but also helping folks here at home.

They`re wild, loud and always a hit at certain holiday parties! But finding that ugly Christmas sweater can take some digging! One place to comb for that sweet slip-over are area thrift stores including the Salvation Army.

Alan Miller with the salvation army says "We have nice ones and we definitely have a lot of ugly ones."

But workers inside this salvation army along river street in Scranton say ugly Christmas sweaters this time of year aren`t the only items you can score big on. Hitting the aisles at this place could be your ticket to cutting back on holiday spending on everything from winter coats, to hats, gloves, even skis !

"Anything that you would need to replace your winter wardrobe or add to it or if you just need something to shovel snow don`t want to worry about something getting dirty," added Miller.

"As far as taking care of their families- dressing their families, this is where people can get a break. As we know, right now the economy is real bad and that`s one of the reasons i`m here," says Joseph Gasdik of Old Forge.

Gasdik is here two to three times a week.

Everything you see on me is salvation army except my underwear," added Gasdik.

Here`s something else you might not know about when it comes to shopping at the sally for that winter wardrobe that won`t break the bank. If you just take some time to look around you`ll probably find some items with the tags still on them. Like this ugg hat or a nice little sweater for your four legged friend that could give them some paw appeal.

"It goes through a process where we try to weed out the bad stuff and only put out the best stuff- no holes, no tears, no stains," says Miller.

"Without the donations, then there`s no reason for people to come through our doors," says Major Bill Kapschull. "The items we`re looking for in particular are clothing, accessories and shoes. Those are the things we need."

And those items, whether they`re the ones you need to unload to make room for new Christmas clothes or just retire that ugly sweater from parties past everything sold here ends up helping some folks in our area.

"It funds programs for people who might have drug and alcohol addictions to help them get on track to get back into the swing of things into society," added Kapschull.