Holiday Deals & Steals for the Holiday Season

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY – Car buyers are bombarded this time of year with enticements to buy – from zero percent financing, to rebates, cash back and more. Every deal one that sales departments in Scranton and elsewhere said would be silly to pass up this Christmas season.

Sale after sale, after year-end holiday deal, car buying customers are surrounded by sales pitches this holiday season, promising the very best holiday deals.

At Toyota of Scranton, David Safhay said it’s not these enticing sales pitches that brought him in.

"The financing and zero percent doesn't hurt, I might be interested in that, but I have to dig in my pockets when I didn't anticipate it, and it's pretty much when my truck fell apart is determining when I'm buying a new vehicle," said David Safhay of Lakeville.

This is the 35th year Toyota has run this particular holiday sale, allowing salesmen like Mark Paczewski to help some Santa’s put something with four wheels under the tree.

"It's actually more than you would believe. We get a large amount of people that will come in and some on the 24th, last minute, I want to buy this car today, it's a big surprise, do you have a bow to go with it?" said sales manager Mark Paczewski.

Car sales at Sherwood Chevrolet in Tunkhannock have been so good over the past year they're actually working to build a brand new showroom, but that doesn't mean there are not still some good deals to be had for those looking to buy this December.

"There's lots of rebates and bonus cash, there's trade in assistance so there's literally thousands to save on vehicles today," said Sherwood Chevrolet General Manager Roy King.

Jerry Jenkins of Tunkhannock said he hopes to find deals good enough to take home this truck he’s got his eyes on.

"Well, yes, it would be nice, before the next snow storm anyways,” said Jenkins of Tunkhannock.

Most sales do end by the end of the year, so if you think a new set of wheels is just what you may need, the clock is ticking.

"I certainly wouldn't pass it up, if you're remotely in the market, now is the time,” said Paczewski.

Here at Toyota, the “All In Sales Event” is back again for its 35th year, but no matter what dealership you stop buy, you’ll be sure to find plenty of deals.