Former Bucknell University Student Killed in New Jersey

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Some people in Lewisburg are mourning the death of a Bucknell University graduate who was killed Sunday in New Jersey while Christmas shopping with his wife.

Friedland, 30 was Christmas shopping with his wife Sunday at a mall near their home when police said two men shot and killed him, and stole his car.

The crime shocked the Bucknell University community in Union County. Friedland was a 2006 graduate of Bucknell in the engineering program.

"Dustin was a very friendly person, very well liked by his peers and the faculty as well. Always contributing," Keith Buffinton said.

Keith Buffinton is the Dean of the College of Engineering at Bucknell University. He said Dustin Friedland was one of his students.

Buffinton last saw Friedland at his class reunion in 2011. He got to know Friedland well when he worked on a senior design project in his class.

"They were very successful because of what he contributed to the group," Buffinton said.

People who knew Dustin said he was a great person and a good student with a very promising future ahead of him.

"He married a wonderful woman, he just closed on his first house. Everything was going in the direction you would hope it was going when you're 30 years old, and that coming to an end is tough," said Buffinton.

The two men who killed Dustin Friedland in New Jersey are still on the loose. There is a $41,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest.