A Helping Hand In Schuylkill County

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POTTSVILLE -- Many families are getting free toys for the kids and food for Christmas dinner in Schuylkill County.

Hundreds of people stood in the cold for up to three hours waiting for a helping hand from the Salvation Army in Pottsville. Sondra Colon was one of those.

"We lost our jobs, so we had to get stuff for Christmas so I had to come here." Colon said.

Food for Christmas dinner and toys for the kids were given away. Tabitha Custer said her children wouldn't have anything under the Christmas tree if it wasn't for the Salvation Army.

"My kids Christmas basically that's it my kids I wanted to make sure they have a good Christmas, if nothing else. If it wasn't for them a lot of kids wouldn't be opening toys Christmas morning," said Custer.

Once out of the line and inside the Life Centre Church, people were able to fill out some paperwork and pick up the toys Santa brought.

Salvation Army Captain Tammy Hench said she had to split the giveaways over two days. Hench explained her organization expects to help 700 families.

"This is my ninth Christmas here so we hope we got all the quirks out so we're getting people through the line as quickly as possible," said Hench.

All this wouldn't be possible without a lot of volunteers. Some students are from the Minersville Area School District. Brittany Cory, a junior, helped those in need.

"It's an amazing feeling it really is after seeing everyone after you drop everything off in their car. They love it and really appreciate it," said Cory.

As one volunteer put it, seeing folks in a long line in the cold should remind us what we have and should be thankful for.